How to Get Chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile – Top Tips and Tricks

What’s the ultimate goal in PUBG? To be the last player standing. It’s no easy feat, but if you can manage it, you will get the covetedChicken Dinner. Some players have gotten more than one. Many more are still chasing the dream.

So, what’s the secret to getting that elusive chicken dinner? Does buying PUBG UC helps? Can we get better in PUBG Mobile in just 10 Minutes?

There are things you should know about PUBG Mobile and we’re going to share some player tips and tricks.

pubg squad

Join a Squad

There’s safety in numbers, even in PUBG – at least at the start of the match. Group up with others and stay close together. The other members of your squad will protect you if you’re attacked and even revive you. Communication is key, so make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Be a good squad member. Help teammates who are knocked out if you can. Stick together. Share resources. Give other members med kits if they need it. You have a much better chance of winning if everyone works together.

Joining a permanent squad is a good option. If you play well together, you can get your first chicken dinner pretty quickly.

pubg hot drops

Stay Away from Hot Drops

It’s really tempting to head straight for hot-drops, but it’s important to remember that everyone else will have the same idea. You don’t want to find yourself surrounded by enemy fire.

Avoid these spots as much as you can. Yes, they have high volumes of loot, but you’ll have a harder time staying alive if you head for these areas.

pubg gear set

Change Gear Often

In PUBG, your armor depletes as you engage in combat. If you never engage with an enemy, then you may not need to worry about your gear. But if you do, make sure that you’re switching out your armor often and as soon as it starts depleting. If you have to, switch to a lower armor level.

It’s better to be wearing lower-level armor than to be wearing armor that’s depleted.

While we’re on the topic of gear, avoid wearing puffer jackets. They will only draw attention to you, even if they do look cool. It’s better to stay alive than to look cool while being shot at by other players.

pubg door

Close Doors When Entering a Home

Homes are a safe haven for players, so naturally, everyone is going to run to them the first chance that they get. If you can manage to get to one and be the first to get inside, make sure that you close the door behind you.

The last thing you want is to get inside of a house, have someone sneak in behind you and then take you out while you’re trying to collect loot. If you close the door, you’ll at least know when someone is entering and can make your move before they do.

Close the door, grab the loot, and be strategic about your exit. If you can, hop through a window to get inside.

Another option is to just leave the door open to make other players think that the place has already been looted. But you’ll want to be on your guard just in case another player doesn’t fall for your trick.

pubg inventory

Grab a Weapon ASAP

Once you get on the ground, looting a weapon should be your top priority. Grab whatever you can find to give yourself a chance of survival. Loot as quickly as you can, and get rid of things you don’t need.<

At the start of the match, you won’t be able to carry much, so use your space wisely. Don’t carry around things that you don’t need.

pubg weapon

Have a Combination of Guns

Be prepared for anything that comes your way by carrying a combination of guns that use different types of ammo. Have short range and long-range guns.

Only carry what you need. There’s no need to run around with two assault rifles. It will only slow you down.

If you have a combination of guns, you’ll be equipped to handle enemies from afar or in close range and with a weapon that you feel most comfortable with.

With the armory, you can see the stats for every weapon in the game. You can also check the effectiveness of all the attachments in the game. Do some research and keep this information in mind. This will help you determine whether you want to keep or discard certain weapons or attachments.

Along with having a combination of guns, it’s also a good idea to grab as many attachments as you can and swap them out when necessary.

When you get down to the top 10, you’ll want to switch your weapons to auto fire and lose those scopes so that you can engage in close-range combat. Don’t forget to reload.

pubg run

Learn How and When to Retreat

Sometimes, retreat is the only way to stay alive. Learn how and when to take cover. If another player takes a shot at you, don’t panic. Get to cover. Retreat if you have to.

If you’re being shot at, use your senses to locate the player. First, find cover. Second, pay attention to the sound. When you’re shot in PUBG, you will hear the gunshot and the crack of the bullet. Depending on attacker’s location, you will hear the bullet in either your left or ride speaker

Sound plays such an important role in PUBG combat that most players recommend playing with headphones on. It makes it easier to determine which direction the attacker is coming from.

If you can’t locate the shooter, stay calm and find an escape route. Sometimes, running and retreating is the best option. Don’t waste too much time trying to find the shooter. Otherwise, you will be at a disadvantage when the circle comes.

pubg car

Use Vehicles Strategically

If you’re playing in squads, vehicles can keep everyone together and out of a danger zone. But it’s important to be strategic when using vehicles.

Vehicles attract attention. Other players will shoot at you. It’s usually best to drive away than to try and run the person over. It’s easy to get knocked out when you’re in a vehicle, so don’t think that they make you invincible. You get better protection crouching down beside one than riding in one.

Bullets can make a vehicle immobile, so keep this in mind. If you’re being shot at, park the vehicle strategically to give yourself cover while you sneak out of the car.

pubg blue wall

Be Reactive – Not Combative

When you get down to the final few circles, the game gets more intense. It’s impossible not to be paranoid about someone jumping out of nowhere and taking you out. Taking a reactive – not a combative – approach can help you survive these final few hurdles.

Rather than seeking out players, stay well-hidden. Move carefully and strategically. Going on the offensive too hastily will only increase your chances of being wiped out. Yes, take out anyone who may get in your way, but don’t go out of your way to confront other players.

Staying hidden is no easy task. Even if your plan is to crawl through tall grass, your backpack will be a dead giveaway. Ditch as much as you can whenever you can. Lose the level 3 backpack – it’s way too big. You may be able to get away with carrying around a Level 2 backpack, but it’s best to ditch it completely whenever possible.

Traverse the map carefully. Keep your eyes glued to the mini map to determine the proximity of shots to your current location. Remember that shooting without a muzzle on your gun will reveal your location on the map. If you accidentally shoot without one, quickly move from your position.

Always use the eye tool when moving or sprinting to keep an eye on your surroundings. Check your flanks and your backside, but don’t forget to look ahead. If you’re not careful, you may run right into a shot. If you’re running with a team, don’t rely on them to keep an eye on your surroundings.

pubg gameplay

Engage with Players Only When Necessary

The goal is to survive, and in many cases, that means engaging only when necessary. Don’t blow through all of your ammo when you don’t really have to. Shooting will only draw unnecessary attention that will make it harder to hide.

Only engage if you have to (you’re being shot at or someone is in close range and doesn’t notice you).

Remember that the objective isn’t to get the most kills; it’s to be the last player standing. You don’t need a single kill to get chicken dinner.

If you must engage with another player in combat, try to put as much distance between you as possible. Use a scope, stay in a crouched position and fire in short bursts. Always take cover. It makes no sense to fight out in the open.

There are plenty of places to take cover: vehicles, trees, buildings, etc. Taking cover is even more important as the player count drops. When you get down to 10 players, you have to keep yourself out of the line of fire if you want to survive.

If you’re being fired at, stay in a crouched position. It makes it more difficult to be targeted when you’re low to the ground, and it gives you a chance to assess where the shots are coming from.

Don’t lie down. Some players will immediately get down on the ground when they’re being shot at, but if the other player has a scope and a clear sight of you, they will still be able to see you and hit you from their position. It’s better to sprint to a place of cover, popping energy drinks and pain pills along the way. Once you get to cover, heal yourself.

If you have to run away from an attacker, move in a zig-zag. Running in a straight line will only make you an easy target. Don’t be Rickon Stark. Run haphazardly to make it harder for the shooter to hit you.

pubg safe zone

Always Be Aware of Safe Zones

Make sure that you’re always aware of the blue zone and safe zone. You won’t be able to outrun the blue zone – even in a vehicle – without a head start. If you’re not in the circle, you’ll take damage every second. And the damage gets worse as time goes on. Once it gets to the second or third one, you won’t last long outside.

Be on the lookout for these zones and any warnings that may pop up. If the circle starts moving, stop whatever you’re doing and start following it. Choose your battles wisely when you’re on the move. Unequip or ditch as many items as you have to in order to run.

pubg loot

Looting – Get in and Get Out

Loot box drops are hotspots. Every player is vying to get them. You’re better off heading for these zones in a vehicle that will give you some cover and an easy getaway. If you try to get there on foot, you are going on a suicide mission.

If things get heated, hop in your vehicle and get out of there. There will be snipers hiding near the box drops, so zig-zag your way out of there.

pubg throwables

Flush Out Players with Throwables

It’s important to use throwables strategically in PUBG. Many players use them strictly to flush out other players, especially when you get down to those last circles.

Toss a throwable into hidey holes if you suspect a player is hiding there. Just remember that using a throwable will reveal your location on the map, so use them carefully.

Throwables can be a great tool, but they’re best reserved from when you’re in a position that provides excellent cover. Otherwise, you should rely on your rifle.

Smoke bombs can be helpful for concealing your location when you have to make a run for it. Just keep in mind that players can shoot blindly through the smoke and still hit you, so never run in a straight line.

Getting a chicken dinner isn’t easy. Don’t give up. Put these tips and tricks to the test. Remember survival is the name of the game.