How To Jungle in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the leading MOBAs on the scene in 2021, and the game’s popularity is only increasing. People are logging into MLBB in record numbers to play with friends and enjoy fast games.

Whether you’re trying to burst enemies down as Lunox or Lancelot, you have a role in the outcome of every match.

Some players will purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds to unlock premium content and style their characters. But if you want to give your team the advantage without the need for MLBB diamonds, you can try jungling.


What is Jungling?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a lot of people trying out new playstyles. People want to leverage in-game mechanics to win a game, and one of the most fun options is to play as a Jungler.


What is a jungler?

It’s a player that runs into the jungle to:

  • Kill monsters
  • Kill creeps
  • Farm gold


If you want to follow the jungling playstyle, you can jump in and out of the jungle or lane as you wish as it is not a set role.

The main reason someone would play as a jungler is to farm gold. When you enter a map, you need gold to purchase items and buff yourself up. Since jungling involves gold farming, you’ll be able to start the game, buff yourself up and land some early match kills.

Your job when jungling is to stay between lanes or the area where there are neutral minions that roam around.

A player may be jungling, hop in to secure a kill and then go back to jungling. Junglers secure key buffs for:

  • Health
  • Damage
  • Cooldowns


But your main goal is to focus on monsters so that you can gather gold and then help secure even more kills.


What Happens If You Ignore the Jungle?

Many players will buy MLBB Diamonds, jump into matches and seem to try and ignore the jungle. You don’t want to be one of these players. The jungle is a way to give your team an advantage, and if you don’t enter the jungle, you’re putting your team at a major disadvantage.

The goal of the jungle is to help you maintain the slight advantage needed to win matches.

For example, let’s assume that your enemy enters the jungle and is a level or two above you. When you’re fighting this player, they’re at an advantage that can turn the tides of a match. Every level above you creates a stat advantage that you might not overcome with skill alone. 


Isn’t This The Same As League of Legends?

Yes and no. The whole concept of a jungler isn’t new, and good players were jungling in LoL. But in MLBB, there are a few differences:

  • You don’t have a jungler role
  • You can’t jungle the entire match


If you do stay in the jungle the entire time, you’ll handicap your team. Instead, you want to time your jungling in between waves of minions. You’ll clear a wave, run into the jungle to kill monsters and get back to the lane to kill minions.

You’ll be the team multi-tasker if you want to be the jungler.


MLBB Best Junglers

Want to be the best jungler possible? You can be if you choose the right heroes for the job. Since there aren’t any specific heroes that are junglers, it’s recommended that you choose the following:

  • Heroes that can take down monsters and creeps without jungle items
  • Assassins because they have burst attacks and high-end mobility


If you’re not sure who to pick, some of the best junglers include:

  • Benedetta
  • Helcurt
  • Ling


While we mention assassins as a good option for a jungler, you can choose from a wide variety of hero types that will make being a jungler much easier:

  • Assassin: A high-damage assassin starts the game with great damage and can continue causing a ton of damage well into the game. Ling, Benedetta and Hayabusa are just a few of the assassins that do well. As a bonus, choose a hero that carries the Retribution spell.
  • Fighter: If you want to jump in the jungle lane later in the game, fighters do well because their damage increases over time. Alpha and Roger are two of the fighter heroes that offer superb damage later in the game.
  • Mage: A mage isn’t your typical jungler, but they can benefit from jungling because it greatly increases their damage. If you want to be in the jungler/hyper role, consider playing the mobile mages: Harley or Harith.
  • Marksman: As a marksman, you’ll have enough high burst damage and can land quick kills. It’s fun to have an assassin and marksman jumping in and out of lanes to jungle. A few of the heroes that fit the role well would be Beatrix, Claude, Brody and Karrie.


Rock some of your summer pool party skins, help kill creeps and monsters early in the match and reap the benefits. It’s the perfect opportunity to help your team and stay engaged between minion attacks.

If you’re new to Mobile Legends Bang Bang, try and play as an assassin or marksman if you want to be a jungler. You’ll have a much easier time being effective with heroes in these classes.


Jungle Items

Jungle items changed a few months ago after a key patch was introduced. The change requires that you use the retribution spell to use jungle items. If you’re planning on being a jungler, using the retribution spell is a must or you’re just wasting your time.

There are three main categories of jungle items that you’ll acquire:

  1. Beast Killer: A great buff that boosts physical and magical defence by 20 while also increasing your monster damage by 50.
  2. Raptor Machete: Makes your damage over the top by increasing your physical damage by 30, physical penetration by 15 and monster damage by an additional 50.
  3. Star Shard: Meant for heroes that use magic and increase your magic power by 30, magic lifesteal by 15, mana regen by 3 and monster damage by 50.


MLBB also includes three divisions for all three of the items above. You’ll need to jump into Mobile Legends Bang Bang and start jungling to see which items you can get.


The Mobile Legends Jungle Monsters

Creeps and monsters reside in the jungle, and each of them has its own buffs. If you want to jungle, you need to learn what each monster buff offers and the respective buff colours. We’re going to run you through the list of jungle monsters, their types and more information about them below.

Buffs from Monsters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

  • Blue/Purple Buff: Perfect if you find yourself low on mana. The buff reduces mana costs by 40% and cooldowns by 10%. You’ll be able to spam your spells faster and for less, and even energy is reduced by 20%. If you rely on spell spamming to bring down creeps and monsters, this is an invaluable buff.
  • Red/Orange Buff: If you need to slow enemies or take down an enemy with a shield, this is the buff for you. The buff slows by 80% and deals 50% true damage.


These are the two primary monster buffs, but each creep and monster will have its own buffs that you’ll gain.


Buffs from Common Jungle Monsters

You’ll come across numerous monsters in the jungle, and while you’ll want to take down as many as you can, you may want to be strategic depending on the buff that the monster or creep offers.

The following common monsters and their respective buffs are:

  • Crammer, which is a creep that offers minor HP and EXP boosts.
  • Gold Crab is gold for a reason – they horde additional gold. You’ll also gain a short-term buff.
  • Scaled Lizards are just another small creep that offers HP and EXP on kill.
  • Turtles are a primary monster that will increase your magic power and provides a damage absorption shield to protect you.


Of course, there are other monsters that exist in Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s jungle that you’ll want to kill and see what type of buff that they offer.

Monsters are divided into two separate classes: primary and secondary. Your two primary monsters are turtle and lord. If you come across secondary monsters, you’ll notice that they’re smaller and have a yellow dot to identify them.

A Sanctuary Lord is the most powerful monster that you’ll come across. If you beat the Lord, you can have him rush a lane that you choose, damage turrets and hurt opposing heroes. The Lord also provides a stronger red buff.

Now, if you want to outfit your hero from the start of the game, there’s a massive sale of up to 25% bonus MLBB diamonds going on.


Tips & Tricks to Jungling in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MLBB is a ton of fun, and if you’re attempting to be a jungler rather than staying in a traditional role, you can change the entire game. If you don’t kill creeps and monsters fast enough, you can put your team at a disadvantage.

But if you’re efficient, you can be the in-game difference for your team.

A few of the tips that can help make you the best Mobile Legends Bang Bang jungler possible are:

  • Mastering your hero first. You need to be as effective as possible when killing creeps and monsters. One of the best tips you’ll receive is to play the same hero a lot until you really know the ins and outs of playing the hero. Once you’re confident in your knowledge of the hero, you’ll want to learn which skill offers the best burst damage and level that skill up first to rapidly take mobs out.
  • Don’t always go solo. Many players go into the jungle alone, but two heroes in the jungle are always the best option. Two players will take down creeps and primary monsters faster.
  • Rotate. If you have two heroes in the jungle, be sure to rotate them. Rotating increases your chances of accomplishing your objectives.
  • Invade with a plan. Once you’ve farmed sufficiently, it’s time to switch lanes and beat down your enemies. Be sure to have a plan for jumping back into the lane to take out your enemies. Your team ought to know your plan so that everyone understands your winning strategy.
  • Remember to be defensive. Surprise ganks can kill enemies fast or kill you faster. When you can, execute a surprise gank.
  • Laning switches. You can spend the entire match in the jungle, so you’ll need to switch back to a lane when you’re done. Be sure to get back to a lane when you’re done so that you can use your buffs and level to take out enemies.
  • Communicate with your team from the start. You’re only as strong as the people around you. If you plan on jungling, tell your team beforehand so that you have the hero with the best mobility and damage available to play.
  • Don’t stop after you have both buffs. You want to clear minion waves to gain additional gold and EXP. Be on the lookout for ganks, and be sure to try and use your advantage as early on in the game as you can.
  • Ping the tank in the beginning. Initially, everyone is squishy and can use some help. Ping the tank, have the tank use nearby vision to prevent ganks and let the tank control the mobs you’re taking down.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the hottest MOBAs on the market today. MLBB offers countless hours of fun to enjoy, and you can take on the jungling role to give your team an advantage when playing.

Be sure to follow the tips above, start stockpiling Mobile Legends Diamonds and master your hero.

If you still have questions and don’t fully understand how jungling works in MLBB, jump on Twitch or YouTube to watch more gameplays and streams. There are a lot of great streamers that you can learn from which show off their techniques online for you to follow.

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