How to Make Valorant Run Smoother with These Tweaks

How to Make Valorant Run Smoother with These Tweaks


Many gaming enthusiasts would tend to complain that every single FPS matters and to be fair they might have a decent point.

Of course, we’re not talking about those single-player games where FPS isn’t the largest factor as those games emphasise more on either the story or the atmosphere.

However, when it comes to competitive games for esports, every pro player—or upcoming pro player—will want to take advantage of every competitive edge there is. This is where frames can play an integral role in winning a championship or crashing out in a tournament.

Currently, one of the biggest esports titles is Valorant which is basically a happy marriage between CS:GO and Fortnite.

It is a game where many gamers from the younger generation are attracted to but are unable to realise their potential due to performance issues as most of these young gamers do not have a powerful gaming rig.

That said, there are a couple of things one can do to boost your FPS; both internally and externally.


Capped FPS Valorant Setting


Capping your FPS


While there is some truth that higher FPS is better, there are certain instances where setting your FPS higher could be a hindrance.

This is because most conventional monitors are designed to display at a maximum of 60 FPS and anything more would be a waste of your graphics card power.

Hence, if you own or are using a 60 FPS monitor, head over to the Valorant settings and change the max FPS to 60 to avoid screen tearing and unnecessary GPU power consumption.


Graphic Setting Valorant


Reduce Quality from the Video Settings


This is arguably the easiest way for you to gain some extra FPS. Ideally, you would want to hit 60 FPS but for lower-end devices, 30 FPS is the goal and anything lower than that will definitely be a hindrance.

In the settings, you would want to change the Texture, Detail and UI quality. Depending on your rig, try tampering around with both low and medium.

For the UI quality, we recommend leaving it low as it has the least impact when it comes to gameplay, compared to ‘Texture’ and ‘Detail’ which you might want to leave at Medium.

Other than that, try removing ‘Anti Aliasing’ if you do not mind jagged lines for units. The ‘Improve Clarity’ can also be turned off if you are playing with a weak GPU.


Close Unused Apps Valorant Performance


Close Unused Applications Running In The Background


Leaving unused applications running in the background is a habit of many. If you have a decent gaming setup, sure, you can leave some apps running but if you are playing Valorant with a ‘potato’, having background applications running is a waste of resources.

One of the biggest culprits will definitely be your Google Chrome tabs. It is well known that Google Chrome by nature is a memory hog and when you leave tabs running in the background, your memory (RAM) will take a hit.

Try making it a habit by closing your Chrome browser while your Valorant or any game for the fact to allow your RAM to focus more on the game that you are playing.


Game Bar Valorant Settings


Disable Game Bar and Change Your Power Plan


First, the Xbox Game Bar is a feature inherent to the Windows operating system which can cause performance hiccups.

Don’t get us wrong, the feature does have its perks like helping you take screenshots and for recording purposes. However, when you’re not doing any of these, or if you just want to enjoy a perfectly normal gameplay, the Xbox Game Bar is frankly negligible. If you’re not using it, disable its functions.

All you need to do is type “Game Bar” on the Windows search bar and you can access the settings from there.

As for the Power Plan, this function is more relatable for gamers who are using laptops. Type “Edit Power Plan” on the search bar and access the setting there.

Press “Change Advanced Power Settings” and there will be a drop-down menu that allows you to change your power plan. Before you start playing, select “High Performance” which will push your device into giving more horsepower.

You can also turn back the plan to “Balanced” once your gaming session is over.


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