How to purchase ShopeePay Voucher and Checkout at OffGamers?

Purchase any OffGamers selected voucher and checkout with ShopeePay at OffGamers store with minimum spending of RM 19.90.

Here’s a quick guide:

Step 1: Customer to launch Shopee mobile app and click “Deals Near Me”


Step 2: At search bar, type “OffGamers” and search


Step 3: Click on “OffGamers”


Step 4: Choose your preferred voucher and click “Buy Now”


Step 5: Proceed to payment with ShopeePay and “Pay Now”


Step 6: Enter your PIN


Step 7: You may view your voucher by click “View My Voucher” or direct proceed to use by clicking “Use Now”


Step 8: Visit OffGamers store at and search for your game voucher


Step 9: Click “Buy” and “Checkout”


Step 10: Select “E-Wallet”, choose “ShopeePay” and proceed to checkout.


Step 11: A QR Code will be available to scan for payment


Step 12: Return to your Shopee mobile app and choose “My Voucher” at the right bottom.


Step 13: Select your voucher purchased and click “Scan”


Step 14: Ensure your amount is correct and proceed for payment. Your RM 5 voucher will be automatically applied.


1. Minimum spending RM 19.90 and must checkout with ShopeePay.
2. This campaign is only entitled for ShopeePay Malaysia.
3. Voucher is only usable at OffGamers store
4. Per customer is only allowed to purchase one (1) unit of each voucher per day.
5. Per customer is only allowed to purchase two (2) units of each voucher per week.
6. Voucher is only valid for seven (7) days after purchase. No extension on the redemption of voucher that is expired.
7. For direct top-up (DTU), customer must ensure server ID and UID has input correctly before checkout.
8. If a customer did not complete or cancel the checkout procedure at OffGamers store, the Shopee Voucher will be non-refundable and non-returnable regardless if it is redeemed or not.
9. There will be no additional cashback/coins from the ShopeePay Wallet Campaign if ShopeePay Voucher is applied. Only one reward shall prevail.
10. Not valid with any other ongoing promotions such as credit card promotions, promo codes, and payment gateway promotions, discounts, offers or privilege cards unless otherwise stated.
11. Voucher is not transferable to other party or exchangeable for cash.
12. All prices shown are excluding handling fees charges. Final checkout price will reflect upon final checkout.
13. This ShopeePay Campaign duration starts from 1 October 2021 until 31 December 2021.
14. OffGamers reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions above without prior notice.



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