How to Purchase Top Selling Products at OffGamers

A step-by-step guide on how to purchase top selling products at OffGamers. Featuring Razer Gold, Nexon Game Card, PlayStation Store Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card and GoCash Game Card.

How to Purchase Top Selling Products at OffGamers

Want to top up your games? Check out the Top Selling products available on OffGamers and enjoy amazing deals!

Steps to shop on OffGamers:

Visit OffGamers & Select Product > Select Region > Select Amount > Select Quantity > Confirm details and Checkout

For the video guide, click here.

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Best Selling Products

Visit OffGamers and check out our “BEST SELLING” products. You will find the most popular products selling on OffGamers here.

Select your desired product from the list or search for one using the ‘search’ function.

Product Region

Select your product region by clicking on “Product”.

Make sure you have selected the correct region, then click ‘Confirm’ to proceed.

Every product has its specified region that it can be redeemed on. So make sure you are buying the one suitable for you.

Top-Up Amount

After confirming your product region, select the amount you would like to purchase by clicking on ‘Voucher’.

Click ‘Confirm’ after you have selected your desired amount of top up.

Product Quantity

With region and amount selected, you can now select how many of it you would like to purchase.

“-” will reduce the quantity, and “+” will increase the quantity.

For example, your selected the Global region and purchased an amount of USD100, you can increase it’s quantity to 2, result you purchasing USD100 (Global) x2, a total of USD200 purchased.


The subtotal of your purchase will be shown after you finish each steps above. The amount will also be automatically calculated when you adjust the quantity of your purchase. OffGamers Points will also be earned from your purchase.

After confirming the product region, amount, quantity and subtotal, click ‘Buy Now’ and proceed to checkout.

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