How to Recharge DMM Points with WebMoney (JP)

***VPN is necessary for overseas users***

If you are wondering how to obtain DMM Points, follow the simple guide here:
1. Proceed to click on “Three Stripes” icon on the top right of the screen.
2. Tap on ポイントチャージ and this will bring you to the payment method page.
3. Choose WebMoney as your preferred payment method.
4. A DMM account is necessary for this top up. Please register a new account by tapping 新規会員登録 with a Japanese VPN if you don’t have one.
5. You may use other accounts like Google, Twitter or Facebook to log in on the bottom of the screen.
6. Choose your preferred amount to recharge and click on チャージする to proceed with the top up.
7. Insert your WebMoney (JP) Code and done!

It’s easy and simple.

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