How to Recharge Gran Saga (Japan Server) Diamonds with Google Play Gift Card (JP)

Gran Saga (Japan Server) has been released in Japan and available to download now!

If you are wondering how to obtain Diamonds, follow the simple guide here:

  1. Proceed to click on “3 Stripes” icon on the top right of the screen.
  2. Followed by the “ショップ” icon on the bottom screen to go to Shop.
  3. This is the Season Pass for an event which ends on the 28th Dec 2021.
  4. You may stay on the “ダイヤ” Diamond Page to buy your in-game diamonds or have a look in other tabs.
  5. Choose your preferred amount to recharge.
  6. Different age has different spending limits (16 Years Old – Below 5,000 JPY / 16 Years Old ~ 19 Years Old – Below 20,000 JPY / 20 Years Old – No Limits)
  7. Choose your age among these and tap on “選択”.
  8. Click on the “Google Play Balance”.
  9. Look for “Redeem Code” as your payment method.
  10. Insert your Google Play Gift Card Code and enjoy! 🙂


It’s easy and simple.

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Google Play
10,000YEN Gift
Card (JP)
Google Play
5,000YEN Gift
Card (JP)
Google Play
3,000YEN Gift
Card (JP)
Google Play
1,500YEN Gift
Card (JP)
Google Play
1,000YEN Gift
Card (JP)
Google Play
500YEN Gift
Card (JP)



For more information, Please visit:
Gran Saga Official Site

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