How to redeem Multi Game Card on Soul of the Ultimate Nation (Sun Classic)

Soul of the Ultimate Nation, also known as SUN Online, is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from NHN Games and Webzen that casts players as members of a rebel group taking a stand against an oppressive, powerful emperor who has impoverished and ignored them.

The game features console-style hack & slash gameplay mechanics, quests, and a deep storyline. Oscar winning composer Howard Shore, known for his scores to the Lord of the Rings films, composed SUN Online’s soundtrack.

Wcoins are the main premium currency used in SUN Online where the Players can use it to purchase various items within the shop for Accessory, Pet, Equipment and more!

Wcoins can be recharge with Multi Game Card on SUN Online.

Here’s a guide on how to redeem Multi Game Card.

Get Wcoins Now with Multi Game Card!




Multi Game Card (MGC)



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