How to top-up BIGO Live Diamonds!

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How to top-up BIGO Live Diamonds

Method 1: Top up BIGO LIVE diamonds on App

To Top-Up, enter the BIGO LIVE app. Tap on the “Me” icon at the right bottom corner. Then, tap on “Wallet”, and you’ll be able to select diamond packages.

If you are watching a live stream, you can also tap on the gift icon at the bottom, then tap on the “Recharge” at the bottom left, and you’ll be able to select diamond packages.

Method 2: Go to for recharging

1.Enter your BIGO ID and select the top up amount.

2.Check out and select your payment method.

3.Once payment made, BIGO Live Diamonds will top up.

Method 3: 5.5% off OffGamers recharge

  1. Buy Bigo Live Gift Card at OffGamers
  2. Go to Bigo Live.
  3. Click on Recharge at the top right corner.
  4. Enter your Bigo ID and confirm.
  5. Select “Points Direct Top-up” as your payment option.
  6. Select denomination.
  7. Enter pin code printed on the receipt.


Bigo Live Gift Card


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