How to top-up BluTV ,Simple & Easy!

BluTV is an ad-free and non-commitment internet television that allows you to watch hundreds of series, movies, and documentaries anytime, anywhere, and allows you to enjoy television with live broadcast channels to the fullest.

How to top-up BluTV?

  • 1.Search and buy BluTV on OffGamers
  • 2. Please visit: BluTV site to proceed the redeem.
  • 3. Enter pin code into the field on the screen and select “I’m not a BluTV member”


  • 4. Fill all the fields then click the Register button. (Description texts are shown dynamically depending on the campaign.)


  • 5. Confirm the usage of pin code.


  • 6. Click Watch Now button.


  • 7. Lands on the main page and start watching.












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