How to top up Ensemble Stars Music, Simple & Easy!

Ensemble Stars!! Music, the all-direction immersive mobile rhythm game, the essential sequel of Ensemble Stars! Basic, will be released soon! Idols from Yumenosaki Academy start their brand-new journey. You will surely find your ideal type among all 49 stylish, shining stars!

Elaborated 3D live scenes, engaging stories by famous playwrights, and a luxurious voice cast—enjoy everything about your idols here! Immerse yourself in a new experience!


How to top up Ensemble Stars Music, Simple & Easy

  1. Buy iTunes Gift Card or Google Play Gift Card from OffGamers
  2. Reload the amount into your account according to the Reload Guide
  3. In the game, select the in-game product you wish to purchase and use your Google or iTunes balance to pay when checking out


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iTunes Gift Card




Google Play Gift Card




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