How to top up gems and token on Stumble Guys Android iOS

What Is Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a game with the battle royale genre which is quite popular lately.

This game has a very exciting and interesting game concept.

Stumble Guys uses the concept of a multiplayer game that can load up to 32 players in one game at once.

In this game, the players must win the match in every round that has been provided.


Stumble Guys Available for Android and iOS

If you are interested in trying to play the Stumble Guys game, then you can directly download the application on the Google Play Store or App Store.

This game application can also be played on a PC, it’s just that you have to download the emulator application first before installing the application.


Stumble Guys Top-Up System

Just like most other battle royale genre games, Stumble Guys has a top up system too. Through top up, you can buy various items available in this game.

Some of the items that are available and can be purchased are gems and stumble tokens.

Later, you can use these gems and stumble tokens to buy skins such as common, rare and epic skins.

If you want to collect various items in Stumble Guys, it is recommended that you top up first.


How to Buy Stumble Guys Gem and Token

You don’t need to be confused about how to top up in the Stumble Guys game for the first time because the method is very easy.

The following is a top up tutorial in the Stumble Guys game: Open the Stumble Guys Game application.

Go to the shop section. Select the Gems menu.

Choose the number of top up gems and stumble tokens according to what you want.

Complete the payment and wait for the gems or stumble tokens you purchased to enter your account.

You can make payments through Google Play Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card



iTunes Gift Card


Google Play Gift Card



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