How to Unlock All The Endings in Thymesia

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Thymesia endings keep you playing. If you’ve played other soul-like games, you know that there are often numerous endings. And you can unlock a total of five different endings in Thymesia.

But without a guide, you might miss one of the important endings.

We’re going to outline exactly what you need to do to unlock each ending in the game. But before we do that, there are a few other things that you need to master.

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Wait. Before Starting, You Must Read This

We’re excited to tell you about all endings in Thmyesia, but you need to have a Hermes Formula to craft different potions for the endings. You need very specific components to make the potion, and this means that you need boss cores.

You can beat the game with just four of the eight bosses killed, but you need to kill the other bosses for the potion ingredients needed for the additional endings.

In total, there are three cores that you need to collect:

  1. Fused Cores. You’ll need to kill Mutated Odur and the Hanged Queen to obtain these cores.
  2. Pure Blood Cores. Kill Urd and Varg to get these.
  3. Vile Blood Cores. Kill the Sound of the Abyss, Fool’s God and Odur.


Now, you don’t need all of the cores if you’re trying to get a specific ending. Instead, you’ll need to mix and match different cores to unlock the ending you want. Many players will run through the bosses they need to achieve the ending they want in Thymesia.

However, if you’re a completionist, you’ll want to get all five endings, which means you need to kill all of the bosses in the game.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not going through the game five times to unlock the endings,” you don’t need to. You can use the memory map and defeat the final boss as many times as you want to reach Aismey. 

So, you just need to kill all of the bosses, which is what 99% of players will want to do anyway because the bosses are a lot of fun to fight.

Note: You want to make sure that you collect all of the cores and save them before fighting the last boss for this strategy.


Unlocking All 5 Endings in Thymesia

1. Power of Vile Blood Ending

The Power of Vile Blood ending requires you to combine two of three Vile Blood cores. You can kill Odur if you want, but most people find that Odur is unnecessary to kill. It’s easier to beat both Fool’s God and the Sound of the Abyss.

Once you have the cores, combine them to get your ending.

Ending Spoiler: Unlocking this ending will see humans turn into murderers now that the kingdom is plague-free. Also, Corvus turns into a murderer, so it’s definitely an interesting ending for anyone playing through Thymesia.


2. Blessing of Pure Blood Ending

For this ending, you need to combine the cores from Urd and Varg, the Pure Blood Cores. Since there’s no other way to get these cores, you’ll need to defeat both of these bosses. The ending is interesting, to say the least, and it is a good reminder of what can happen when the world is free from plague.

Ending Spoiler: The Blessing of Pure Blood ending lifts humanity from the plague, which sounds like a good thing. But with all of the monsters gone, humans and their greed become the world’s new monsters. Humans, in this ending, are focused only on power.


3. Harmonized Force Ending

The Harmonized Force ending requires you to combine two Fused Cores together. You can only get these cores from killing The Hanged Queen and Mutated Odur, so you’ll need to make sure that you kill them to get the right cores.

Vile and Pure Blood cores need to be balanced to make a whole, but Emerald will tell you all of this in the game.

Ending Spoiler: In this ending, the plague is still running through the world, but humans will gain free will in the process. The free will leads to humanity asking the Eldritch Sources for a miracle to free them from the plague.


 4. Power of Cleansing Ending

Power of Cleansing is the ending you receive when you follow the Harmonized Force ending, but during the cutscene, you push your analog forward. You’ll notice that when you do this, you take control of Corvus. Unfortunately, he will then walk himself over to the well to sacrifice himself.

Note: You must collect all memories for this ending to work, so be sure that you do that beforehand.

Ending Spoiler: Corvus’ sacrifice is for the good of humanity, as he places his memories into the potion to alert the world of the true reason for the plague: alchemy.


5. Chaotic Power Ending

Finally, if you want to unlock the Chaotic Power ending, you just need to mix any of the cores that you didn’t use for the previous four endings. Most people find it easiest to kill Varg and The Hanged Queen to get the cores for this ending.

However, you’ll want to keep in mind that this is a “bad” ending, so it’s not one that most people like. With that said, the ending is below.

Ending Spoiler: As the ending’s name suggests, chaos ensues and there is a major divide among humanity. The divide comes from some of humanity being cured of the plague and others turning into monsters. However, these monsters are human and monster hybrids, so it brings the plague out in an entirely new way.


Thymesia Boss Strategy Guide

Defeating every boss to unlock Thymesia endings will require you to have experience in the game and the motivation to kill each boss. We don’t want to ruin the experience for you, but if you’re having trouble killing any of the bosses, you can use the tips below to get the cores you need for each ending.


Strategy to Beat Odur

A few of the basics to beat Odur, without going into too much detail, include:

  • Kill all of the enemies in the Sea of Trees area to upgrade your potion uses.
  • Obtain Short Dodge because it’s going to be integral to you having a much easier time with this boss.
  • Use a plague weapon to deal damage and make heavy use of dodge to make sure that Odur isn’t doing too much damage to you.
  • When Odur goes to do a critical attack, you need to interrupt it by using a Feather Dart. The dart will stun him, but you need to time it properly. A crit always occurs after two projectiles are thrown.
  • Finally, be sure to use claws to work through his wound meter and get the kill.


Strategy to Beat Fool’s God

Fool’s God is an optional boss who is found in the Sea of Trees. The good news is that you don’t need to kill the boss, but you need to make it through the gauntlet to land the final blow. You’ll want to practice this one a lot to learn the fight, but you can find a lot of people on YouTube showing you where to hide.

You can get your core by following through with these tips:

  • Rapidly clear any pods in your way
  • Run into safe spots
  • After defeating the Acrobat, climb the ladder
  • Quickly hide behind the wooden walls when you reach the top to avoid poison
  • Use Feather Darts to kill pods faster, and use the talent to increase your charges here
  • Acrobat is the hardest part of this gauntlet, and you’ll want to deflect her attacks and use darts on her. If you try climbing the ladder with her alive, it’s going to be impossible to reach the top.


Strategy to Beat Mutated Odur

Ready to fight Odur again? This time, you have to fight him as a mutant, which means he is much faster and more erratic. Due to the difficulty of this fight, you’ll want to fight him later in the game.

A few tips that will help you make quicker work of mutated Odur include:

  • Use a weapon that stuns, such as the Great Sword.
  • Stuns will allow you some opportunity to deal damage before he starts moving and heals again.
  • Apply constant pressure because wounds heal instantly, so you won’t have much time to be on the defensive.
  • Use Deflect a lot to counter his strong attacks and make use of your darts to stun him up longer.
  • You’ll need to use claws and different attacks rapidly throughout the fight. The one time you want to run away from him is when he begins to glow red because he will hit you like a truck, and you won’t be able to dodge the attack.


Strategy to Beat Hanged Queen

Found in the Royal Garden, the Hanged Queen has one phase and is much easier to beat than Odur. You’ll want to be aggressive with the queen because she will heal herself when the crystal on her chest glows red.

Your goal?

  • Attack the crystal when it is big and puffs up
  • Deal as much damage as you can to stop the crystal
  • Keep intense pressure, chase and attack any time there are openings
  • Finally, when you get it down to the point that it lets out a roar, run. The AOE attack will cut through 50% of your health.


Strategy to Beat Sound of the Abyss

The Royal Garden’s optional boss is the Sound of the Abyss. Instead of going on the offensive, you’ll want to:

  • Dodge attacks
  • Wait to attack
  • You’ll want to attack the weak points by dodging the boss’ lunging attack and then attacking. Crystals may also fall from the ceiling, and you’ll want to sprint out of the way to avoid damage.
  • Make sure to use Defense Talent when the boss makes the attack that covers the entire arena, or you can heal through it if you like.


Strategy to Beat Varg

Varg is super aggressive, and he likes to use massive combos that will cause a lot of damage. The trick to this fight is:

  • Remain aggressive and be sure to counter attacks and dodge them
  • Use the Blood Storm weapon from the queen to get healed during the fight
  • Short dodge and deflect should be used during the fight 
  • The fight is straightforward: dodge, heal and attack. When you reach phase two, keep your distance and follow the same strategy as above until you land the killing blow.


Strategy to Beat Urd

Urd is the optional boss in Hermes Fortress, and she is super-fast – faster than any other boss. She’s a master of swords, but you can weaken her fast by using wound damage. 

You’ll want to:

  • Upgrade Deflect Talents
  • Deflect three times when she lunges
  • Claw after the last strategy
  • Rapidly deal damage right after the claw
  • When you finally reach her second phase, she gets even faster, which means she’s deadly. Focus on dodging her attacks and then using feather darts to stun her and attack.


Strategy to Beat Corvus

Corvus is the final boss, and he is very difficult to kill. You’ll need to use the Urd fight to practice your Deflect skills because you’ll really need them during this fight. You need to do a few things really well in this fight:

  • Use claws to wound him 
  • Use the Great Sword plague weapon
  • Leverage the Step and Jump Talent
  • Use Feather Darts to stun him and allow you time to use your claws
  • Deflect as much as you can, followed by claws to deplete the wound bar
  • Short Dodge may work better for you than Reflect


You’ll need to practice this fight a lot and consider using Blood Storm if you need more health for the fight.

Thymesia endings are a lot of fun to get. If you want to master other aspects of the game, be sure to read through our newbie guide, watch streamers on Twitch or go on YouTube. Video walkthroughs and updates are a good way to master all endings in Thmyesia.