How To Use Crypto Voucher & Where to purchase Crypto Voucher

Crypto Voucher is one of the most suitable methods for those who interests in affordable but simple ways of purchasing cryptocurrency. It is also important to emphasize the safety of payment with a crpto-voucher, when there is no need to enter bank card details in order to make payment. Here’s the overview of Crypto Voucher.

What Is A Crypto Voucher

In the new world of cryptocurriencies, the function of crypto vouchers has tremendously simplifies the process of paying online with digital currency. Crypto voucher also bring convenience to the users as crypto voucher allows the users to buy, exchange and send cyptocurrency in the twinkle of eyes with limitless cryptocurrency.

Where You Can Buy Vouchers

You can buy Crypto Voucher with multiple cryptocurriencies on the official website of the system or from the authroized reseller OffGamers website. After purchasing a Crypto Voucher, you will receive an email notification regarding the purchase and provision of a special Crypto Voucher code, which it can be found in the Crypto Voucher list of your personal account.

How to Redeem Crypto Voucher

To redeem a crypto voucher, log into your account, click “Redeem” in the left list.

Enter The Code

The code is located on the “My Vouchers page”. Click “Show Voucher”.

Choose The Cryptocurrency

Choose a cryptocurrency from the list and then pay attention to the amount you will receive after cashing out your Crypto Voucher card.

Specify E-wallet Address

Redeeming a voucher on a Crypto Voucher wallet is cheaper than withdrawing a cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet.
If you choose the method of withdrawing cryptocurrency to another electronic wallet, then in this case you need to enter the address of the corresponding electronic wallet. Choose a method and click on the button “I understand and agree. Redeem now”.

A window will appear asking you to rate the service.

Next, you will be able to see the results and details of the transaction.

The amount in cryptocurrency will be displayed in your Crypto Voucher account or on a third-party wallet, in case you have withdrawn to another system.



Crypto Voucher
Crypto Voucher
Crypto Voucher



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