How to Use Marksman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) has a lot of character types that you can play, but playing as a marksman (ADC) is one of the most fun. If you like to play a sharp-shooter, you’ll love playing as one of these characters.

Marksman isn’t going to be the best jungle heroes, but they bring more critical damage to MLBB.

If you want to play a marksman in Mobile Legends, the following guide can help.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Mastering Marksman

Pre-Game Tactics

First and foremost, there’s a lot to learn about marksman. You’ll open up the app and see a slew of marksmen to choose from. You need to choose a character that you’ll like to play:

MLBB Marksman to Choose

Marksmen come in three main types, and you may prefer one over another.

  1. Pure marksmen will be 100% marksmen with no other role in the game.
  2. Primary marksmen are primarily a marksman, but they can be used in other situations.
  3. Secondary marksmen are often used outside of the marksman role, so they’re considered secondary marksmen.

And there is no shortage of marksmen to choose from.

  • Beatrix (B) does a lot of reap/damage and is perfect for the gold lane. While very offensive, Beatrix lacks durability. Master Gunner allows her to swap to her secondary weapon to use a different Ultimate and abilities.
  • Brody (A) is very offensive and more durable than Beatrix, with a lot of bursts and reap. He is perfect for the Gold lane, and Abyss Impact allows you to do a lot of AoE damage and slow enemies.
  • Bruno (A) is called The Protector because he has extreme offensive abilities and decent durability. He does a lot of reap and burst, and Wave of the World does a ton of damage and knocks enemies back while reducing their defence.
  • Claude (B) does a lot of burst and chase. He’s difficult to learn, but she has a lot of offensive power. His Ultimate is Blazing Dust, which brings out Claude and Dexter to rapidly fire at foes.
  • Clint (C) does a lot of damage, decent durability and reap and burst damage. Using Grenade Bombardment deals 100% total physical damage and slows enemies down.
  • Granger (S) offers very high offensive power with a focus on burst and reap. He’s a little low on the durability end, but his Death Sonata does a lot of burst damage. He transforms his violin into a major cannon and rapidly bursts you down.
  • Hanabi (C) pumps out a lot of reap and damage, offering great offensive power with decent durability. Forbidden Jutsu Higanbana deals 400 physical damage and immobilizes enemies.
  • Irithel (D) offers burst and reap damage. She has high offensive prowess and lower-end durability. Her Ultimate is a little tricky to execute, but her Heavy Crossbow can significantly change the pace of a match.
  • Karrie (B) is a major damage dealer, but you need to know when to play defensively because she has low durability. She’s an easier character to learn and is considered a hyper-carry marksman.
  • Layla (S) is easy to learn and very dangerous, making her a great choice for new players. She specializes in reap and damage, and her Destruction Rush deals an energy blast that cuts the enemy’s health by 500 – 800 on impact.
  • Melissa (S) is suited for the Gold lane, and her speciality is reaping/damage. She can summon a protective barrier that will knock enemies back and keeps them from entering the area.
  • Miya (D) deals reap/damage and is recommended for the Gold lane. With her Ultimate ability, she can remove debuffs, conceal herself and make an escape with faster movement speed.
  • Moskov (B) is all offence, but his durability isn’t very high. He’s great for the Gold lane.
  • Natan (S) deals burst/magic damage and does well in the Gold lane. Entropy is his Ultimate ability, which summons a clone that deals damage.
  • Popol and Kupa (A) are highly offensive and are ideal for the Gold lane. Her speciality is push/burst damage. Her Ultimate ability sets a trap that detonates after an enemy steps on it, immobilizing the player and creating a frost zone that slows movement speed.
  • Wanwan (C) is an excellent offensive player that plays best in the Gold lane. Her speciality is reap/burst damage. Her Ultimate ability deals a lot of damage quickly to multiple enemies. 
  • Kimmy (C) is ideal for the Gold lane and her speciality is damage/magic damage. She has medium durability. 
  • Lesley (A) plays the Gold lane, and her speciality is reaped/burst damage. Her Ultimate ability is Tactical Grenade, which launches a grenade and deals AOE damage.
  • Edith (S) is great for crowd control and burst damage in the EXP lane. Her Ultimate ability sends her up into the air, where she can perform basic attacks.
  • Roger (S) is excellent for reap/burst damage in the EXP lane. His Ultimate ability turns him into a wolf, where he can deal physical damage to enemies and slow them down.
  • Yi Sun-shin (A) has the speciality of reap/chase and is ideal for the Jungle lane. His Ultimate ability increases the damage and summons a naval fleet that deals cannon attacks.

Which one is the best to choose?

That’s debatable.

Every player has their own tier and strengths. The best character is the one you prefer. However, the strongest characters are broken into tiers, including:

S – the superb or super tier of characters

A – very good marksman

B – strong marksman

C – average marksman

D – acceptable characters

We’ve added the respective rating next to each character for you. However, the top list often includes Granger, Brody, Yi Sun-shin, Clint and Beatrix. Spend your time learning each character and make sure you’re using the best build for your hero.

Understand Draft Banning

Draft banning is one of the situations where an ADC may be banned. We often see Granger and Wanwan banned from drafts. If a team is running a 1-3-1, they don’t need a marksman for the setup.

When you enter a draft pick stage, you’ll find that draft banning is the first phase.

In this phase, three players are allowed to ban a hero from the game:

  • S3
  • S4
  • S5

If you want to play a hero that is banned, you won’t be able to in the match.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang does require you to come up with a strategy. You can work on one with your team, but there will be a lot of great tips and tactics in the next sections of this article. And if you’re in need of a boost, you can get some Mobile Legend top up from OffGamers here.

Early Game Tactics

Early game tactics are very straightforward and easy for even the newest players to really master. You’ll want to take things slow, and most players will begin with farming.

Farming in MLBB

Farming is a go-to way to start off. You will be competing to out-level your opponents, and the best way to do this is to get gold. You’ll rapidly get gold if you go on the lane and go on a killing spree.

Your sole goal is to kill as many minions as possible, gather gold and level up.

Once you hit level 4, you can go into the mid-game section of this article, which is a lot more fun and exciting than hunting down minions. High mobility and durability make marksman a good choice for the Gold Lane.

However, there are a few other things you can do in MLBB in the early part of the game.

Last Hitting in MLBB

Last hitting is much like it sounds – getting the killing blow. You’ll want to focus on the finishing blow on creeps. When you get the last hit here, you’ll:

  • Gain more XP
  • Gather more gold

If you don’t get the last hit on a creep, minions will, which is a major waste of experience that you can use to out-level your opponents.

Kill Assists in MLBB

Kill assists are one of the strategies that keep being nerfed over time. However, the concept is rather simple. When you assist on a kill, you get gold. Hit the mob or heal, and it will count as an assist. However, there is a short-timer on assists that you need to keep in mind to get as much gold as you can.

Now, at this point, you can move into the mid-game tactics that are a bit more fun.

Mid-Game Tactics

By mid-game, around level 4, you should have enough abilities and items to really go on the offensive. 

Make sure that you’re defending your lane. As soon as an enemy is on the lane, take them out. Forget the minions for now. Focus on enemies to take them out. Use your basic attack and abilities to get the job done.

When fighting, stay back behind your minions. Hanging back will keep you from taking too much damage from enemy minions. If any enemy minions are low on health, take them out. Farming is still important at this stage. Taking out minions will get you more gold and levels.

While you should focus on enemies first, make sure that you’re not chasing them too far. Don’t let enemies bait you into a fight you can’t win.

When enemies are on the lane, take out the damage dealers first, especially other marksmen. Remember that you’re a glass cannon and a ranged character. Kite your enemies to take them down quickly without taking too much damage. 

During this stage, it’s also important to initiate team fights, especially if you’re playing Hanabi, Karrie, Wanwan, or Popol and Kupa. These marksmen have skills that can force enemies to quickly retreat. 

Positioning is crucial in team fights, so make sure that you’re staying as far away from enemy fire as you can. Every time you die, you’re missing opportunities to farm, so keep that in mind. Use your spells to keep yourself alive while taking down enemies.

Also, ensure that you’re tracking your opponent’s cooldowns whenever possible because this will give you an advantage. If you know that your enemy’s abilities are on cooldown, you can be more aggressive.

Late Game Tactics

Now that you have a few kills on your lane, you should have an advantage and can move on to the next objective: taking down turrets.

The goal now should be to take out the bottom turret. When you start attacking the bottom lane, attack and destroy the tower, too. If you have the chance, take out the next turret. If you can’t, you can always come back later.

Once the tower has been destroyed, you can help out the mid-lane player to destroy the enemy and the tower. That will allow you to work together to go after more towers. The more towers you destroy and kills you get, the greater the advantage you’ll have.

Of course, you’ll also want to focus on upgrading your Marksman emblem. At this stage of the game, upgrades can really help. If you can, get Electro Flash for the third section. Electro Flash will boost your spell vamp and movement speed.

Other Marksman Mobile Legends Tips

Playing as a marksman in MLBB is fun, but there are some things that you should keep in mind if your goal is to win (and it should be!).

Let your teammates do the up-close fighting. You’re a long-range character, so hang back and attack from far away. There’s no need to be out there on the front lines.

When you’re fighting with your team, target the DPS first. These are the players that can take down your team.

In early to mid-game, pay attention to the river that connects to your lane. A jungler can easily use it to reach your lane and attack you (check out our guide on how to jungle to learn more about their tactics). To avoid getting ganked, keep a watchful eye on the river. If you’re alone, hang out by the tower.

The marksman role is fun to play, but like any other role, it takes some practice to master. It’s easy to dominate other heroes, especially if you’re doing your part to stay away from the front lines. Use these tips to improve your game and help your team pull more wins.