How To Use The Nintendo Switch: 14 Hidden Tips & Tricks

The Nintendo Switch OLED is here (read our Nintendo Switch OLED Model Review)! With a 7” vibrant OLED display, adjustable stand, 64GB of storage and a dock with a built-in LAN port, the new Switch promises to change the way you game.

If you’re new to the Switch world or just upgraded to the OLED model, we have some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your console.

And if you need a Nintendo eShop card for games, we have you covered!


14 Hidden Tips and Tricks for Nintendo Switch

There are quite a few versions of the Nintendo Switch out there – OLED, Lite and regular Switch. These tips and tricks work for most (if not all) versions.


1. Get More Save Files

With the Nintendo Switch, you can typically only save one game file at a time. But with this one little trick, you can get more save files.

Here’s how:

  • Create different user profiles.
  • Use these profiles for different game saves.


It’s easy to create a new user:

  • Head to System Settings.
  • Navigate to Users.
  • Choose “Add Users.”


Getting more save files means that you can start at different points in the game or go back to a spot you want to rediscover.


2. Detect Lost Joy-Cons

Are you constantly losing your Joy-Cons? Life gets busy, and it’s easy for your controllers to get lost in the mix.

Here’s a quick and simple trick to help you find your lost Joy-Cons:

  • Head over to Navigate and then Lost Controllers.
  • Highlight your lost controllers, and then press L or R on the one you have. It should vibrate.


If you’re missing both Joy-Cons, simply tap the screen, and they will both vibrate.


3. Change Your Button Mapping

If you don’t like the default button mapping, you can easily change it. Remapping your buttons is as easy as:

  • Going to System Settings
  • Selecting Controllers and Sensors
  • Choosing Change Button Mapping


Now, select your controller and remap your buttons to whatever you want.


4. Preserve Your Battery Life

Depending on which version of Switch you have, your battery may last 2-9 hours. The original Switch has the shortest battery life.

If you’re tired of having to recharge all the time, you can use this next trick to extend your battery life. All you have to do is adjust the time it takes to enter sleep mode.


Here’s how:

  • Head over to System Settings.
  • Tap Sleep Mode and then Auto Sleep.
  • Adjust the time to whatever you want.


This is how long the Switch will wait before turning off the screen and going to sleep. Another way to save your battery life is to turn off your Wi-Fi when you’re not using it.

Even with both of these tricks, your Switch’s battery will eventually die. If you want to keep playing, you can get an external battery pack that will charge up your Switch while you’re on the go. Just make sure that the battery pack puts out at least 10.5 watts of power.


5. Activate Dark Mode

If you’re a fan of dark modes, you’ll be happy to hear that Switch has one, too. No one likes to be blinded by bright white light when they’re gaming at night.

Here’s how to activate dark mode on the Switch:

  • Navigate to System Settings.
  • Choose Themes.
  • Select Basic Black.


Now, your menu pages and your home screen should all be in dark mode.


6. Archive Games

There’s a lot to love about the Switch, but the storage space isn’t one of them. Depending on which Switch you have, you only get 32GB or 64GB of storage space. That’s not a whole lot of storage for gaming, especially for digital downloads.

If you want to save storage space without losing your game saves, you can archive the games you’re not playing.

To archive games:

  • Highlight the game.
  • Press the + button.
  • Tap Manage Software.
  • Choose Archive Software.


If you’re unsure what to archive, you can also head over to System Settings > Data Management > Quick Archive. The Switch will actually make recommendations on which games you should archive. For example, if you haven’t played a game in months, the system may recommend archiving it.

Another way to solve your storage problem is to use a microSD card. First, choose a card that has double the original storage of your Switch so that you have plenty of space. The great thing about this option is that you can have multiple cards, so you can essentially expand your storage indefinitely.

It’s easy to move data between the system and your microSD card.

  • Navigate to System Settings.
  • Tap Data Management.
  • Choose Move Data Between System/microSD card.


Choose the destination and the games you want to move before tapping Move Data.


7. Use Joy-Cons on Other Devices

Did you know that you can use your Joy-Cons on PC and Android devices? Joy-Cons use Bluetooth, so you can connect them to a wide range of devices.

If you want to use your Joy-Cons to play games on other devices:

  • First, turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to connect to (your phone, PC, etc.).
  • Press the sync button on your Joy-Con until it starts flashing.
  • Look for your Joy-Cons on the Bluetooth devices list.
  • Pair the devices.


Once you’re connected, you can use your Joy-Cons to game on other devices.

If you have a smart TV, you can use your Joy-Con to turn it on and off when your Switch is docked. Simply hit the power button on your Joy-Con.

To turn off this feature:

  • Head to System Settings.
  • Choose TV Settings.
  • Switch Match TV Power State to off.


8. Access Content From Other Regions

Want to access exclusive content from different regions on the eShop? Use this next trick to buy games and content from other parts of the world.

The Switch is already made to play games from around the world, but to access this exclusive content, there are a few steps that you need to take.

  • First, head over to
  • Log into your account, and then select your country of residence.
  • Change your country to whatever you want.


Before you start buying content, make sure that your bank account or payment option will accept international transactions. Some banking institutions will not support these types of purchases.

Once you’ve selected a country and have your payment situation sorted out, you can head back to your Switch. Make a new account, and link your Switch profile to your Nintendo account. This will make it easy to switch regions whenever you want.


9. Boot in Recovery Mode

Have issues with your Switch? If your device is acting up, you can boot in recovery mode to figure out what’s going on.

To boot in recovery mode:

  • First, hold down both volume buttons at the same time.
  • Now, while holding down these buttons, press the power button.


Recovery mode won’t work while the Switch is in sleep mode, so keep this in mind.


10. Use Your Points to Get Discounts

Whenever you buy games from the Nintendo Switch eShop, you earn points. Those points can be used to score discounts on games.

When you buy digital games, you get your points automatically. Sometimes, there are special promotions that will give you more points with purchases.

For each dollar you spend on a digital game, you get five points. Each point equals a penny. So, if you have 500 points, you can take $5 off your next purchase.

Whether you’re buying Nintendo Switch games for your fitness routine or the latest action-adventure game, you will be rewarded for your purchases.

But what if you buy physical games through the shop? You can get points for these purchases, too.

  • Tap the + button while on the Home Screen.
  • Choose My Nintendo Rewards Program.
  • Select Earn Points.


If the game is still eligible for points, they will be added to your account automatically. Keep in mind that the points for physical games do have an expiration date, so try to claim them as soon as you get them. You don’t want to miss out on your hard-earned points.

Okay, so how do you use your points to get a discount?

When you’re ready to make a purchase, head over to the eShop, add your game to your card, and proceed to purchase. On this screen, you should have the option to Redeem Points (it should be listed underneath the price). Redeeming your points will give you a discount on your purchase. The more points you have, the greater the discount.


11. Use Accessories with Your Switch

The Switch can easily connect with USB accessories so that you can play and use the device the way you want.

  • Connect a USB keyboard to make gameplay or chatting easier.
  • Put your Switch into service mode and use it as a backup battery for other devices.


When using USB accessories, you typically need to keep your Switch docked. The exception here is headphones. USB headphones can work with the Switch anytime.


12. Transfer Your Save Data

If you have multiple Switch consoles and want to play your saved games, you can transfer save data from one console to another.

Here’s how:

  • Head to System Settings and Users.
  • Choose Transfer Your User and Save Data.


Make sure that your other Switch is on the same Wi-Fi network and that both devices are connected to some sort of power source.

The data will then be transferred to the other Switch and removed from the original console.

If you only want to transfer specific games, you can:

  • Highlight the game.
  • Press the + button.
  • Navigate to Manage Software.
  • Choose Transfer Your Save Data.


This will allow you to transfer just your saved data for that specific game. It’s a handy trick if you want to play games on another Switch without losing your progress.


13. Send Game Screenshots to Your Phone

The Switch makes it easy to capture pivotal moments in games by taking a screenshot. But it doesn’t make it easy to share those screenshots – until now. Now, there’s an option to send your screenshots to your phone.

Here’s how:

  • First, find the screenshot that you want to share.
  • Press A to open the Sharing and Editing menu.
  • Choose Send to Smartphone.


A QR code should appear that you can scan with your phone. Scanning the QR code will connect the devices wirelessly.

Once the devices are connected, you’ll need to scan another code to open a web page that will display your screenshot. From here, you can save your screenshot to your phone and post it wherever you want.

The process can be a bit of a hassle, but if you want to have more sharing options for your screenshots, this is the best way to do it.


14. Do A Hard Reset

The Switch is a pretty solid console, but like any other electronic device, it does have its moments where it freezes or acts up. Usually, holding down the power button and restarting the console works.

But if the restart menu doesn’t open, you can do a hard reset.

  • Just hold down the power button for 12 seconds.


The console should power down and then start back up after about 30 seconds. If you’re still having trouble, try booting up in recovery mode using the tips above.

Usually, a hard reset is all you need to fix whatever issues you’re having with your Switch. But there are those rare occasions where recovery mode may be the only way to get things back to normal.

The Nintendo Switch OLED gives you longer battery life, a bigger and brighter display, and a lot of other great features that make it worth upgrading. Use these tips and tricks to get the most out of your console and enjoy everything that Switch has to offer.

For more tips, tricks and gameplay, check out YouTube and Twitch. You’ll find playthroughs and other helpful tips for your Nintendo Switch.




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