How to Watch Bob’s Burgers: The Movie


After a decade of releasing TV shows, the Belchers are finally making their way to the big screen with Bob’s Burgers: The Movie. The animation original cast characters are in this murder-mystery-musical too. Bob’s Burgers: The Movie is still in the cinema, however, the show is available to stream on Hulu and HBO Max soon.

When Will Bob’s Burgers: The Movie Be Available to Stream?

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie is not yet available to stream online, but it will available later whereas 20th Century Studios has confirmed the film will be coming to Hulu and HBO Max in the US on July 12.

Where to Watch the Bob’s Burgers TV Series

Bob’s Burgers TV show is also available to rewatch before diving into the movie, here are some recommended options. If you have a Hulu subscription, you can stream Bob’s Burgers for free on the platform. If you don’t have the streaming service, you can also purchase episodes or seasons on Amazon or Apple TV.

Rating and Runtime

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie is Rated PG-13 for rude/suggestive material and language. The film runs for a total of 1 hour and 42 minutes including credits.



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