Humble Games is publishing INFINITE GUITARS, a new rhythm RPG

Humble Games is publishing INFINITE GUITARS,a new music-rhythm RPG by indie developer Nikko Nikko.

While Humble Games is publishing INIFINITE GUITARS, the game is launching for Windows PC(via Steam). A release date wasn’t confirmed.

Here’s a rundown on the game:
In a world shredded by the devastating war against the Mechs, the remnants of humanity scavenge and fight to survive. Now, the metal war machines have reawakened- and your electric guitar can turn their technology against them!

Gather up party, tune up your favorite axe, and get ready to rock in Infinite Guitars, a genre-melting rhythm RPG featuring vibrant anime-inspired art, adrenaline-fueled Mech battles, and a blazing original soundtrack.


  • Role-playing rhythm – Amp up your skills and test your reflexes in rock duels that mix elements of turn-based role-playing, action, and rhythm games.
  • Electrifying anime-inspired adventure – Explore a stylish sci-fi world filled with Colossal-Type Mechs, guitar-wielding heroes, and over-the-top attacks.
  • Guitar-driven team battles – Perform metal-crushing solos and devastating duets as JJ, Sam, Kaylee, and Ru- a scrappy team of wastelanders with their own strenghts and bilities.
  • Rage against the Mechs – Unleash the full force of your skills in epic boss battles that fuse electrifying anime-inspired action and hyperkinetic rock.




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