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Hyper Front is a First Person Shooting (FPS) game that has been released to the gaming world recently, and it is a game filled with lots of game modes that will always be exciting to play and very competitive. The game is a 5v5 shooting game based on tactics to win, and there are lots of heroes with lots of skills with different classes that the players can choose to compete in battles. Since there are many Hyper Front characters, knowing about them will never be a disadvantage.

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As we said earlier, the game has introduced many characters, and all of these are different from each other with special abilities that make them more unique. The first major concerning point in the game is the heroes. The victories in every battle you participate in depending on the characters you choose to progress in this game.

Through this guide, we will discuss all the Hyper Front characters, their unique skills, how they will be effective in the gameplay, and the best platform to play this mobile game once released is the best android emulator LDPlayer. Without talking more, we will go into the guide to see everything about the Hyper Front characters.

Character Classes

This game mainly has five classes: Guardians, Tacticians, Scouts, Brawlers, and Supporters. These classes are primarily specialized for different purposes, and we will look at the classes and the best heroes revealed in these classes.

Hyper Front Characters – Guardians

As its name says, the Guardian class characters’ main goal is to protect their teammates, putting their lives on the line. Even though the game has revealed only one character from this class, we hope to meet many Guardians once it is released.

The Guardian class characters are significant on the battlefields, and having a Guardian in your team will be very helpful in protecting the allies in the group.

Coldcast- Her primary ability is to reduce the speed of the opponents’ movements using traps. These traps will blast after several times, turning every enemy who stepped into the traps into frozen statues. Her next skill is the ice walls that can be activated as a shield for attacking enemies and against enemies’ attacks. The Coldcast also summons extensive massive damage, dealing Storm of ice.

Valkyrie – Valkyrie is specialized in performing shields while killing opponents, and she’s a character that acts like both attacker and defender. Another ability is she can scan the area she is in, spot all the enemies there, and let them die using the grenades falling from the sky.

Hyper Front Characters – Tactician

Tacticians are well known as strategic heroes who are very clever to benefit from the opponents’ weak spots. They have many abilities, such as activating shields as well as teleportation. Players always try to prove ineffective because they do not deal huge damage. But if you choose the Tactician class, do not just ignore them but improve them by upgrading their skills to make them the best battle heroes.

Some of the best heroes in the Tactician class are:

Storm – The Storm is the Tactician class character with the skills to perform a storm precisely as his name says. The Storm can use a skill to create clouds on the battlefield that makes his allies invisible to the enemies. This is one of the best skills to use in the Storm, and there are many other powerful and unique skills he has.

Blink – The next hero of the Tactician class is Blink, who excels in teleporting to any point of the map given in the game. She is famous for her sneaky abilities and has many tactics in her sleeves, such as blind opponents using the different summons and teleporting to several areas to separate the enemy teams.

Veil – Veil is a Tactician class character that can summon sandstorms to blind enemies and ghost attacks, and also she uses sand to trap the enemies and kill them.

Hyper Front Characters – Scouts

Scouts are the best-known extended ranged characters, and they are the favorites of the players who like to engage in shooting the enemies while keeping a considerable distance. Mastering the scouts is somewhat challenging to do within a short period, and mostly, players should have good tolerance and a certain amount of time for that.

The heroes, who are revealed as the Scout class characters, are as follows.

Faith Arrow – Faith Arrow is a character with the skill to kill enemies at long range using fire arrows. But the probability of missing the aim is relatively high, so the players must aim correctly to get the results. Faith Arrow can use her arrows to scan the locations of enemies as well as to burn the enemies.

Sentinel – Sentinel is a character that supports the allies by debuffing enemies. He has many other skills, such as flying a drone to see the enemy formations and throwing grenades toward enemies to attack quickly.

Hyper Front Characters – Brawlers

The players will find Brawler Class characters as the short-ranged characters who are very likely to play the game in close combat.

In the Brawler class characters, there are mainly two heroes who are so popular; Blood Raider and Blast.

Blood Raider – Blood Raider is a compelling character who can heal himself and resurrect after death, proving that even death cannot hold him. This character has the skills to attack enemies while healing himself.

Blast – Blast is a character who can deal with a massive Area of Effect, and it’s one of the best freely accessible characters from the beginning of the game. This character can use grenades to kill enemies and a jet to go higher.

Nemesis – Nemesis is also a Brawler class character that can kill enemies by cheating them with illusions, and he can teleport from one location to another in an instant. The most remarkable thing about Nemesis is he can be invisible on the battlefields for a few seconds.

Thunder – he is skillful enough to gain the lost health status after an enemy attack transferring him into a plasma state, and he can deal damage to the enemies using an ion beam.

Hyper Front Characters – Supporters

Everyone knows about Supporters because, in every RPG, there is a Supporter class who supports the team behind the shadows that don’t like to steal the spotlight. They have good skills to heal the allies and debuff the enemies, which will result in reducing the performance of the enemies.

Cure Light – Cure Light is clever in healing her allies and not only allies; this character has the ability of self-healing too. She is instrumental on battlefields in blocking the areas to prevent the enemies from coming or leaving, and her ultimate ability is the rebuilding of the destroyed body.


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