id Software Plans To Add Bots To Quake Champions

Developer id Software has announced that Quake Champions will be adding bots that players are going to have the ability to play against to hone their skills or use to fill empty slots in games.

According to a video this week, technical Director John Dean explained that the bots will be able to do all the things that players can, such as trick jumps and strafe jumps, and that you’re going to be able to set their difficulty on a sliding scale.

At the easiest levels, the bots will avoid powerful weapons and pickups, which is going to be a good chance for new players to learn how to use the very best items, such as Quad Damage. At all difficulties, the bots are intended to act differently compared to their human teammates, if a bot sees a human ally heading for the Quad Damage, for instance, it will allow the human players to claim it and avoid the pickup.

Dean said that the bots will likely be rolled out in two phases. In phase 1, which is coming soon, will see the bots able to utilize all champions and weapons, but not champion abilities. They will be available in a restricted number of game modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and instagib. In the second phase, the bots will be able to use champion abilities, and will be accessible in more game modes.