In-Depth Guide on Genshin Impact’s Watatsumi Island

Watatsumi Island is here, and fans of Genshin Impact are in for hours of fun with a new area to explore. The area is filled with beauty and detail, and there is an adventure for you to enjoy around every corner.

But if this is your first time hearing of the island, you’re a bit behind.

We’re going to walk you through everything there is to know about Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island and why you need to start collecting Genesis Crystals if you’re serious about playing. Let’s start off by learning what this island is all about and the fun that awaits all players.

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What is Watatsumi Island?

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Watatsumi Island is an island of Inazuma and is on the opposite end of Narukami Island. Because it’s so far from the capital city, the island’s people have created their own subculture. The area has its own vibe, but that’s part of what makes it a special place.

Divine Princess Kokomi rules Watatsumi, and it’s the only island that has Sango Pearls for her ascension. She’s the leader of the resistance, so don’t be alarmed when you come across resistance fighters and bandits while touring the island.

Kokomi’s banner was introduced during the 2.1 Livestream. Her weapon is Catalyst and her element is Hydro. Here’s what we know about her abilities:

  • Normal attack: Kokomi can summon fish that move towards the enemy.
  • Elemental attack: She can summon a jellyfish that deals hydro damage over time and also heals.
  • Elemental burst attack: Kokomi can power up her normal attack


Kokomi is incredibly agile, and her crit is already at 100. This means that she can’t benefit from crit bonuses. She’s excellent for support and can also work as a healer with Freeze compositions.

Kokomi’s ascension material is believed to be the Sango Pearl, which can only be found on Watatsumi Island.

The island is home to the Sangonomiya shrine, which is believed to be a stunning example of Inazuman architecture.


How To Get to Watatsumi Island

You know what Watatsumi Island is, but how do you get there?

To unlock the island, you’ll have to:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or more
  • Complete The Immovable God and The Eternal Euthymia Archon Quest (Chapter 2: Act 1)


A straightforward way to get to the island is to head over to Fort Mumei. From here, you can glide your way to Watatsumi on your Waverider.

Once you arrive at the island, you’ll find plenty of quests to complete, puzzles to solve and enemies to fight. In addition, there are more than a dozen chests to find on the island, and quests offer great rewards.


Unlocking The Palace in a Pool Domain

Palace in a Pool is a one-time domain, but you’ll need to solve a puzzle before you can enter it and claim the treasure inside.

The pool is located in the northeastern area of the island. Before you can try and solve the puzzle, you’ll need to complete Chapter 2: Act 1 Archon Quest. Completing the quest will allow you to get to Inazuma and Watatsumi Island.

The domain itself is underwater, and you’ll need to solve some puzzles to drain the water twice. To lower the water levels, you’ll need to:

  • Point the lightning strikes probes in the right direction
  • Quickly activate the Electro Monuments


Once you activate the monuments, the water level will go down just a little. You can then dive down and follow the path until you come up to an opening in the floor above. Climb the wall, and head up into the room.

Take a look around. You should see three switches on the wall. Interact with these switches to open up the gate. Now you can activate the cube mechanism to drain the water and finally unlock the Domain.


Watatsumi Island Puzzles

Watatsumi Island is home to many puzzles, including:

8 Cubes Puzzle

The 8 Cubes Puzzle is located near the Teleport Waypoint in Bourou Village, which is located on the eastern side of the island.

In order to rotate the cube, you’ll need to hit it using a regular attack with a claymore, sword or polearm character. When you complete the puzzles, you are rewarded with a treasure chest.

There are three different variations of the puzzle, so you can get three treasure chests. You’ll need to reset the puzzles for each variation to appear.


Demon Symbol (Rinzou’s Treasure)

Demon Symbol is a mysterious symbol found in Genshin Impact, and it can lead you to some treasure left behind by Rinzou. Rinzou is supposed to be a great pirate, and he hid his treasure across Watatsumi island. To mark the locations of each treasure, he left a Demon Symbol behind.

If you want to find the treasures, the first step is to find the treasure hoarder’s notes. The notes can be found in a cave along the southern edge of Bourou Village.

There are 8 Demon Symbols across the island, but some treasures have already been found and taken by the treasure hoarders (half to be exact).

The last chest holds a great reward, and you’ll also get two achievements for finding the treasure:

  • Long John Silver
  • A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure


Researcher’s Note

Similar to the Demon Symbol puzzle, Researcher’s Note will take you on a quest to hunt down five notes. Finding all the notes will give you a hidden reward.

After completing the puzzle, you’ll earn the achievement ‘The Stranding of the Beagle’, which will also reward 5 Primogems.


Secret Furniture

While exploring the Heart of Watatsumi’s underwater cave, you’ll find a breakable rock. Breaking the rock will give you a treasure chest that contains furniture for your Serenitea Pot. 

To get your hands on the secret furniture, you’ll first need to take the Moon-Bathed Deep quest. Talk to the Shrine Maiden (at Mouun Shrine) to get started. Once you talk to her, you’ll unlock 4 puzzles that you’ll need to solve:

  • Eye
  • Fin
  • Fang
  • Tail


Once you’ve solved all of these puzzles, you’ll unlock the final quest called Heart of Watatsumi. The cave where the breakable rock is located can only be accessed after you solve the other puzzles and unlock the last quest.


Watatsumi Seelie Puzzle

The Watatsumi Seelie puzzle is like any other Seelie. Just follow the Electro Seelie to its court. It won’t be an easy journey, but you’ll get there eventually. Make it all the way through to the end, and you’ll be rewarded with a Precious Chest and Luxurious Chest.

The Seelie is located just west of Burou Village. It will take you on a route around the island and to its court near the shrine at the centre of the island.


Watatsumi Island World Quest List

Along with its puzzles, Watatsumi Island holds other secrets. There are several world quests that you can complete for some excellent rewards.

The island’s world quests include:

Solitary Sea Beast

The Solitary Sea Beast quest starts at the Mouun Shrine just west of Bourou Village. Look for Kumi, the quest giver.

First, she’ll ask you to bring her 3 Sakura Blooms. When you return to her, you can ask her if she needs help with anything else. Next, the quest will bring you to the Hilichurl Camp, where you’ll need to rescue Anisa. Talk to her to start the final part of the quest.

To complete the quest, you’ll need to solve a puzzle by activating three elemental monuments. You’ll need to use Lisa or Fischl to activate them. Once you’ve activated the monuments, talk to Anisa and return to Kumi for your reward, which includes:

  • 40 x Primogem
  • 4 x Hero’s Wit
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 300 XP


Divine Plant of the Depths

To start the Divine Plant of the Depths quest, look for Komaki in Bourou Village. The village elder wants you to bring her some water from the Offering Pool to nourish Spiritherbs. Unfortunately, you’ll only have a certain amount of time to collect the water and bring it back to her (and you can’t teleport to complete it).

The first part of the quest is simple enough, but she’ll also ask you to bring her Clear Water from a cavern north of the island. At the far eastern part of the cavern, you’ll find a Hydro Cube. Return to Komaki to complete the quest and get your reward.

This quest will reward you with:

  • 3 x Hero’s Wit
  • 30 x Primogem
  • 250 XP
  • 30,000 Mora


Temari Game

The Temari Game world quest starts at the Byakko Plain. Look for Ki Kujirai. He will explain how the game works.

Once you complete the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a Precious Chest. You may find Ki Kujirai more than once in the world, and if you do, you can keep playing the game to earn more chests.


Watatsumi Island Enemies

While there are plenty of puzzles and quests that reward you with treasure and other goodies, not everything on Watatsumi Island is rainbows and butterflies.

When exploring the island, you’ll come across a few enemies, including:

Hydro Hypostasis

Hydro Hypostasis is a new boss that was added to the Genshin Impact Watatsumi Island Version 2.1 update.

The boss is located underground between the main island and the Palace Pool. The biggest challenge with this boss is that it protects itself with a special shell. It can only be damaged when its elemental core is exposed.

Once the boss’s HP gets low enough, it will split into three water droplets that gravitate to its core. Your party will need to destroy the droplets before they can get back to the core and restore the boss.

Ranged damage-dealing characters work best for this boss, such as:

  • Ganyu
  • Fischl
  • Yoimiya
  • Sara
  • Diona


Zhongli is another great addition to the team because he has shields that can decrease damage taken. His shields also debuff nearby enemies, which will increase damage output by the team.

Hydro Hypostasis can drop materials and artifacts, including:

  • Gemstones
  • Lazurite chunks
  • Silver
  • Lazurite fragments
  • Dew of Repudiation


Artifact drops include:

  • Berserker
  • Adventurer
  • Prayers for Destiny
  • The Exile
  • Gladiator’s Finale
  • Wanderer’s Troupe



Specters are another enemy you’ll come across in Watatsumi island and other locations. These are floating elemental creatures.

Specters can be found all throughout the islands of Watatsumi and Seirai. There are three different types of Specters:

  • Hydro: Launches water that applies a Wet status to targets
  • Anemo: Doesn’t have a special attack but builds up fury
  • Geo: Rotates in a circle to form a Geo barrier


All Specters will generate fury, which builds up each time they take a big hit. As fury builds up, they get bigger and stronger until they finally explode after they are defeated.

Specters will also be part of an upcoming event called Specter Secrets, which will run from September 19 through September 29. During the event, you’ll come across new Specters as well as the Electric Lamp Puzzle.


Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact’s Watatsumi Island is a welcomed addition to the game. Whether you’re excited to explore or engage in some of the exciting Rotating Cube puzzles, there’s something for everyone. 

The 2.1 update also adds a new Fishing system, so if you’re looking to relax and unwind, you can fish until your heart’s content. The new system allows you to fish from a variety of waters using a fishing rod. In addition, fish that you catch can be added to the ponds in your teapot.

When leaks of the island first were shown on Reddit, fans were skeptical that the leak was real.

But it is.

The addition of Raiden Shogun is one of the biggest reasons to check out this patch. Raiden Shogun is buffed, fun to play and a great support character. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore Watatsumi Island for yourself to see what all of the hype is about – you won’t be disappointed.

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