Indie ARPG Killsquad Early Access Coming This July

Killsquad is a hardcore action RPG developed by hardcore RPG fans. A game that blends the best of the genre and presents a new universe for players to discover.

Unleash hell on a coop ARPG where bounty hunters raid planets for glory. Choose your quest on the Online Contract System. Unlock skills mid-mission to adapt, set up your team, choose your heroes, weapons and gear, and unleash hell on a fast-paced battle through hordes of monsters and deadly bosses. The Galaxy is in chaos, planets go rogue, and mega-corporations assemble Killsquads to raid whatever riches and bounty are left. The game is playable on solo or through a four player coop.

killsquad gameplay

Players will also have access to any of the four unique space bounty hunters, each with a class and a skill tree you unlock as you progress. Each is highly specialized, and has a set of starting skills and passive abilities. Then, on each level up, you get an opportunity to customize your character with new skills to adapt to your play style.

Steam’s Early access for Killsquad will be available on July 16, 2019.