Introducing The New Loyalty Program – PlayStation Stars

Sony has introduced a whole new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars that will allow the players to earn points with real cash value.

Sony has published the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, that PlayStation Stars will be free to sign up for and it’s a free loyalty and rewards program which confirmed will be published later in 2022. After becoming a member, players can complete the activities and campaigns. When completed the campaigns and activities, then the players can earn reward points. Some challenges are categorized as difficult like the “Monthly Check-In”, whereas the players are required to play any game, to more complex versions and earn specific PlayStation trophies, participate then win the tournaments, or be the first player in a timezone to get a platinum trophy in a major title.

After players earned the rewards, they can spend the points in a rewards catalog, which Sony has confirmed will feature a host of items from PSN Wallet Funds, select PlayStation Store products, and more special rewards. As a matter of fact, PlayStation Plus members can earn additional benefits like earning points when purchasing items from the PlayStation Store.

The last piece to PlayStation Stars is the concept of digital collectibles and their rewards are digital representations of things like figures of iconic PlayStation characters and devices from “Sony’s history of innovation.” Sony confirmed that there will always be new collectibles to earn, including ultra rare versions, even though they didn’t leak specific information about PlayStation Stars. The collectibles will be added regularly, sometimes the collectibles might be rare and something for players to work towards continuously.

In spite of the fact that, PlayStation Stars is a free loyalty and reward program, yet Sony also clarified that PlayStation Stars loyalty program will not reward the players with NFTs, as PlayStation is totally not related to the controversial non-fungible tokens.  However, the rewards of PlayStation Stars are mostly from digital representations of things including figurines of beloved and iconic charatcers from gamers or other forms of entertainment, along with charished deviced that explore Sony’s history of innovation.





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