iPhone 7 Lightning Port to 3.5mm Jack Adapters Has Been Revealed

It looks like the rumors that the iPhone 7 not supporting 3.5mm headphone jacks might be true after all as Chinese manufacturer Tama Electric unveiled three new adapters that further supports it.

Tama iPhone 7 Lightning Port

The adapters were revealed during the Computex Taipei expo and it works by plugging into iPhone 7’s Lightning Port in one end and letting users connect a 3.5mm headphone/earphone on the other end.

There’s also a model that includes a micro USB port that allows you to route power through the Lightning connector while still having an earphone plugged in.

Based on the reveal, it’s all but confirmed that Apple has taken out the 3.5mm jack. Which begs the question, what is Apple doing with that extra space? We’ll find out more when Apple finally unveils its latest flagship phone.

Tama Lightning Port Adapter

As for the adapters, Tama did not disclose when the Lightning port adapters will be available or what the pricing will be.

Source: Forbes