Is the future of Xbox, Cloud Gaming?

Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft's game streaming platform. It is available in 28 countries as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Get it now on OffGamers

Let’s be real here, ever since Redfall’s disappointing release, you might not want to hear another “recommended games for Xbox”. The truth remains that there are still many games out there worth playing, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play your Xbox games when you’re on a vacation?

The solution? Cloud gaming services. You might have already heard of it, cloud gaming services typically run on a subscription basis. So does Xbox offer cloud gaming right now? Let’s take a look.

Xbox’s Cloud Gaming Beta Site

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)

Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s game streaming platform. It runs as a complementary service to its Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S games consoles and is available in 28 countries as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. This is definitely worth every penny of your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as you get access to the library of games on the streaming service as well.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows subscribers to stream games directly to compatible devices via the cloud. This means you can play select Xbox Game Pass games on your Android mobile device, tablet, or Windows 10 PC without the need for downloading and installing the games.
Bonus: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes a subscription to EA Play, which grants access to a library of games from Electronic Arts. Subscribers can play EA games at no extra cost, further expanding the gaming options available.

The Future of Xbox

From what we know, the cloud gaming service is designed to run on Xbox’s devices and hopefully it will even allow you to pick up and continue your game no matter where you are and no matter what device you use. Playing Xbox on a vacation? Yes, please!

When and where can I use the Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available in beta form in 28 countries as a dedicated app for Android devices. Windows PC users can play Cloud Gaming titles through the native Xbox app, and it is also available via a web browser on iOS, Mac and Chromebook. Safari, Chrome and Microsoft’s own Edge browser are all supported. For countries that are not on the list yet, we may need to wait a little longer to see if there’s any updates from Microsoft.

Some recommendations from us

Given that Cloud Gaming might be the new trend, Xbox might also consider phasing out physical copies of the game to save cost. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Consider getting the digital copy of the game via the Xbox Store
  2. Try out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which also gives you the access to Xbox’s Cloud Gaming

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