It’s All About Gangs, Guns, And Gravity With LawBreakers

It’s official, the newest shooter coming from Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has been revealed. Titled LawBreakers, the game is a Free-to-Play 5-on-5 arena shooter that’s coming exclusively to PC. Following teasers on the events known as “the shattering” and bits of information from Project Bluestreak, we’ve finally received solid details about the arena shooter with the trailer embedded below.

Based on the trailer, “the shattering” seems to be an event where Earth suffered an apocalyptic level of disasters caused by the shattering of the moon due to secret testing conducted by the government. The destruction of the moon had caused permanent changes to Earth’s gravity which led to fundamental shifts in society.

But all is not lost, as the event had caused humanity to come together and rebuild society. During the time of LawBreakers, mankind have reached milestones in terms of advances for technology and weaponry due to the unstable gravity. The shifts in gravity also gave humans abilities that border on superhuman-esque when in low gravity areas.

This, unfortunately, led to a surge in organized crime gangs that uses their abilities and high-tech gadgetry to cause mayhem. It is up to the law enforcement agency to battle these gangs and keep the peace.

The story nicely sets up the gameplay mechanics for the game whereby players will enter an arena and do battle in 5v5 combat that will definitely invoke flashes of Unreal Tournament. There will be a focus on verticality as players will have access to jetpacks, grappling hooks and gravity-manipulating devices. Creator Cliff Bleszinski notes that LawBreakers will encourage constant mobility by hinting that the game will be akin to “ground is lava” where players should do all in their power to keep themselves off the ground.

A key point to note is that LawBreakers will be a “new FPS that’s all about skills, not streaks” and that the trifecta of “gangs, guns, and gravity” will be the main pillars of the game.

LawBreakers is a Free-To-Play arena shooter and is scheduled for a 2016 release, exclusively for PC. The game will be published by Nexon. If you need to top-up on Nexon Cash in preparation for the game, click on the links below.

Source: Cliff Bleszinki’s Free-to-Play Shooter Is Called Lawbreakers, Coming Next Year

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