BTS Member V also plays this game – Goose Goose Duck

Have you heard of Goose Goose Duck? Well you may have now, thanks to BTS member – V, who started streaming himself playing the game on Weverse. As expected, the indie game blew up on Steam, reaching a whooping 563,677 players on Thursday. Some dub this phenomenon as “The V Effect“, as BTS fans swarm to play the game, where it previously only had about a few thousand players each day. Thanks to “The V Effect” the game became a big hit, going from around 6,000 peak concurrent players in mid-November to nearly 130,000 peak concurrent players a month later. The game’s peak player numbers tripled by the end of the year.

Due to the massive increase in players, the game has also faced some issues accommodating such an unexpected surge of players. In which Gaggle Studios responded on Steam saying, “We appreciate all the love and support. We expected a large increase in players but not like this. 250k increase of our already massive player base was too much. We’re working on increasing capacity as fast as we can and will keep everyone updated. We apologize for the inconvenience, we’re all working hard to make sure everyone can play.”

Goose Goose Duck was originally released on October 2021. Much like Among Us, it is a social deduction game where players take on the role of a goose and try to find the imposter duck among the team. The game is free to play, with microtransactions that is purely cosmetic. Get your Steam Wallet Codes from OffGamers if you’re looking to give your goose a little makeover.

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