Get Free Skins on Apex Legends Mobile | First Top-Up Reward

Get rewarded with free skins with your first-ever top-up with OffGamers! Top-up 2499 Syndicate Gold and get ALL of the following rewards:

Top Up any amount to get Wraith Interdimensional Skirmisher
Top Up any amount to get “Bone Saw” Skin for Spitfire;
Top Up at least 999 Syndicate Gold to get “Honored Prey” Skin for Carbine;
Top Up at least 2,499 Syndicate Gold to get Wraith’s “Night Terror” Legend Skin

*Applicable for your very first top up in Apex Legends Mobile. If you have topped up in Apex Legends Mobile using other modes of payment, you will not obtain another First Top-Up Rewards


Top up your Syndicate Gold on OffGamers now! Shop now down below:

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