MapleStorySEA A Sheep and a Wolf thing

Baa and Aroo Package

Arooo! This looks Baaaaedd~


  • All Decorative items are Permanent.
  • Package items can be equipped by both gender.


Hyper Ignition Special Sale

Resolution level up!


  • Ignition Ring has duration of SEVEN days.
  • The 15 Days 2X EXP Coupon will be Untradeable even if purchased with Maple Cash.
  • The 15 Days 2X EXP Coupon could not be Gifted.


Chair Assembly Kit

Celebrating can be tiring, have a sit!

  • Chairs obtained are Random.
  • All Chairs listed below are tradeable, with the exception of Ang Bao Chair (Inter-Account Transaction only).


Karma of Scissors Bundle Sale

Three, Hammer, Scissors!

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