The Newest Social Networking App You Have to Try – Bondee

What is all the craze about Bondee? The Social Networking app – Bondee, just launched earlier this month and has made it to the top charts on Google Play and the App Store. So what is so special about Bondee? Their tagline reads: “Live with your friends”, and that is what you can do in this virtual world.

Credit: Screengrab via Bondee app

The Bondee World

In Bondee, everything is built around your friends. You can either search for them via their username, QR code or an invite link. Each of your friends will be shown living in their rooms like the image above. You can visit them and drop them sticky notes to leave a message. It is somewhat like leaving a message on someone’s Facebook walls back in the old days, but this is much cuter. You can decorate your room anytime you want with accessories and furniture and even set the ambience of your room.

Credit: CHESKA SANTIAGO on Candy

See what your friends are up to

Now that everyone has created their avatars, you and your friends can post status which can be viewed from the homepage. You can pick a mood, daily activities, hobby, chill activities, work & study in which your avatar will reenact them accordingly. You can also say something about your post or upload a picture, which your friends can leave a like or comment.

Credit: CHESKA SANTIAGO on Candy

The New Way of Chatting

This is where “Live with your friends” lives up to its name (well sort of). Apart from the regular chat function, your avatars will appear at the bottom of the screen. You and your friends can customize what your avatars are doing, such as sitting on the sofa, having a picnic and so on. So while you’re typing away, your avatars can be chilling on the sofa. Someone said something shocking? No problem. Just send them a shocked expression, your avatar will convey the message for you.

Credit: CHESKA SANTIAGO on Candy

What is sailing in Bondee?

The sailing function allows your avatar to set sail and find random new friends. You will also notice a floating bottle icon on the top right of your screen, which you can write a message for someone if they pick up the bottle, and vice versa. Sailing is one of the ways you can get seasonal items for your avatar and your room. Bondee doesn’t have any microtransaction currently, so sailing is the only way for you to get more cosmestic items. However, it is quite possible for the developers to add microtransactions in the future.

As sailing will take a while, you can continue sailing offline so your progress won’t be hindered. Some users even said that the sailing function helps them relax because it has a nice and relaxing music with the gentle sounds of water.



Bondee is the new way of interacting with your friends online. The chat function definitely brought texting to the next level with avatars posing as yourself doing actions, reenacting your emotions. Other features like posting a status and leaving a message on your friend’s wall definitely reminds me of Facebook in the old days but it has a very charming twist to it. Bondee, unlike other social media, actually prevents you from being addicting to it. Mindless scrolling through other people’s news feed is replaced with a very zen sailing. So be sure to check out Bondee.

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