Join the Thanksgiving Conquer Online Hunting Event and Get Your Rewards!

Conquer Online Hunting event!
Promotion Date: 21 November 2023 to 9 December 2023.

Conquer Online invites you to partake in a celebration of gratitude and abundance with our thrilling Thanksgiving Conquer Online Hunting event! During the event, you can engage in three different activities: Tribe Fight, Hunting Journey, and Tribe Hero. Each activity rewards you with many interesting in-game items and characters.

Tribe Fight: Chief Ed invites heroes to join in the Tribe Fight, and the winner will be the new tribe leader!

Hunting Journey: During the Hunting Journey, you will trigger adventures and interesting quests. Move forward to obtain rewards and an amazing experience!

Tribe Hero: There are two large tribes: Dawn Tribe and Dusk Tribe. You can submit Hunting Crystals to one of them to enhance its power and compete on the Tribe Ranking for exclusive garments and weapons!

Rewards for Conquer Online Hunting Event

The higher your rank, the greater the rewards you will get! Here’s the list of rewards you will receive during the Thanksgiving Hunting event:

  • Rank 1 on Dawn Tribe Ranking: 5-Star Garment Blazing Sun (Dawn)
  • Rank 1 on Dusk Tribe Ranking: 5-Star Garment Patrolling Shadow (Ruling)
  • Top 4 on Global Ranking: Permanent title Desert Shadow
  • 30 Thorn Crowns: 3-Star Garment Patrolling Shadow (B), 3-Star Garment Blazing Sun (B)

Don’t miss your chance to claim these exclusive rewards and become a legend in the Conquer Online. Sharpen your blades, rally your tribe, and embark on a conquest that etch your name into the hallowed scrolls of triumph. The hunt awaits, and the rewards are yours for the taking!

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