July 2023 New Games Recommendation – Practice Makes Perfect

July 2023 New Games Recommendation

July 2023 New Games Recommendation

Players, the long-awaited new games are about to be released! Welcome to the July New Game Release Highlights. Today, we have compiled five highly recommended popular games for you. Let’s take a look together!

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg (Release Date: July 13)

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg is a role-playing video game developed by Gust Co. Ltd. This game is a remake of the original Atelier Marie game, which was first released in 1997.

Set in the fictional city of Salburg, Atelier Marie Remake follows the story of a young alchemist Marie as she strives to become a master alchemist and earn her place among the guild. To achieve this, players must help Marie become a renowned alchemist by completing various quests and missions to gather resources and create powerful potions and items.

The gameplay heavily emphasizes crafting and resource management, giving players the freedom to experiment with different ingredients and formulas to create unique concoctions. As players progress through the game, they will encounter new characters and build relationships with them, unlocking additional quests and content. Atelier Marie Remake also features updated graphics and sound design, breathing new life into the classic game. Moreover, the game introduces new features such as a photo mode and an art gallery, allowing players to capture and relive their favorite moments.

Platform: PS5, Steam, Nintendo Switch
Genre: Casual, RPG

Exoprimal (Release Date: July 14)

Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that combines humanity’s advanced exosuit technology with the thrilling challenge of facing off against ferocious dinosaurs. Set in the year 2040 during a global crisis caused by sudden dinosaur outbreaks, the game offers an immersive experience where players pilot powerful exosuits to fight against overwhelming dinosaur swarms.

The storyline introduces Aibius, a corporation that has developed a state-of-the-art AI called Leviathan, capable of predicting future outbreaks. Alongside this advanced technology, Aibius has created revolutionary exosuits, giving humanity a fighting chance against the saurian threat. As an exofighter, players are tasked with taking the exofighter aptitude test and joining the ranks of Aibius’s heroic pilots to prevent the extinction of the human race.

One of the standout features of Exoprimal is the wide range of exosuits available, each with its own unique abilities and categorized into three roles: assault, tank, and support. This allows players to adapt their strategy and team composition on the fly, even during intense battles, adding a layer of flexibility and tactical depth to the gameplay.

With its futuristic setting, intense action, and the challenge of facing off against dinosaurs, Exoprimal offers a thrilling gaming experience for fans of team-based action games. The combination of advanced exosuit technology, diverse gameplay roles, and the immersive storyline create a captivating world where players can fight for the survival of humanity against overwhelming odds.

Platform: PS4, PS5, Steam
Genre: Action

Thief Simulator 2 (Release Date: July 19)

Thief Simulator 2 is a highly anticipated sequel to the popular stealth and strategy game that puts players in the shoes of a professional thief. In this game, players must take on increasingly challenging heists while avoiding detection by law enforcement and other security measures.

With a wide range of tools and gadgets at their disposal, players must carefully plan out each robbery, paying close attention to guards’ patrols, door locks, cameras, and other obstacles. As they progress through the game, players can acquire new skills and upgrades that allow them to take on even more challenging targets.

The game features stunningly realistic graphics, immersive sound design, and an engaging storyline that keeps players hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or love the thrill of the heist, Thief Simulator 2 is sure to be a hit.

Platform: Steam
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation

Remnant 2 (Release Date: July 25)

Remnant 2 is a highly anticipated action-packed, third-person shooter video game developed and published by Gunfire Games. It is a direct sequel to the original Remnant: From the Ashes game released in 2019.

In the game, players step into the shoes of a survivor who is caught in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monstrous creatures. The player’s main objective is to survive and fight their way through various terrains to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse. With the help of a diverse cast of allies, players must explore dynamic environments, use their weapons and abilities to take down enemies and bosses, and collect resources to upgrade their equipment.

The game features an intricate crafting system that allows players to customize their weapons and armor to suit their playstyle. There are also multitudes of randomized events and challenges that test players’ skills and strategy. Additionally, players can team up with friends online to tackle tough missions and progress through the game together.

Platform: PS5, Steam, Xbox Series X|S
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

SanFu (Release Date: July 28)

SanFu revolves around an old commercial that mysteriously appears in a TV series, featuring a boy named Three-eyed Tong with special abilities. It is rumored that the ghost of the Three-Eyed Child has taken control of the TV signal, prompting an investigation by the Bureau of Investigation. As the investigation deepens, an escaped criminal gang hidden in the shadows emerges, leading to a complex and twisted story.

Players have the opportunity to assume the roles of two characters, navigating different time periods and perspectives, experiencing the bizarre and dangerous past and present. While the characters are not the central focus of the entire story, they play significant roles in this era-defining narrative. The game presents a vivid portrayal of a particular time period, drawing inspiration from vintage propaganda art, creating an immersive and nostalgic visual journey.

The unique color palette, attention to detail in the posters, and atmospheric visuals contribute to an authentic sense of the era. The subtle and mysterious ambiance, characterized by the signage of small shops, lush vegetation, uneven steps, and scattered buildings, builds a fictional yet familiar mysterious mountain city. The integration of puzzles with the storyline adds an extra layer of interest to the narrative experience. The dual protagonist mode expands the possibilities for puzzle-solving, injecting a touch of amusement into the game.

Platform: Steam
Genre: 冒险, 独立, 角色扮演

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