Jump Back Into The Courtroom Drama With Ace Attorney 6

New trailers for the upcoming Ace Attorney 6 for Nintendo 3DS was released by Capcom recently. The latest iteration of the long-standing courtroom puzzle game looks to bring even more exciting cases for players to enjoy.

The first trailer focuses on the two trials that will be present in Ace Attorney 6. It also outlines the three bonus outfits that Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes will receive in the game. Though it should be noted that the bonus costumes are only available to early copies of the game before June 29th.

Characters and scenarios are the main focus of the second trailer, revolving around the main case in Ace Attorney 6. The trailer introduced key characters alongside a brief synopsis of the trial. It also included a teaser for the release date, pricing and bonus trials for Ace Attorney 6.

Ace Attorney 6 is coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS and is currently scheduled for a June release in Japan. No official announcement yet on when an English version will be available.

Source: YouTube

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