Nintendo Hyper Max Sale | Save up to 50%

Nintendo Hyper Max Sale | Save up to 50%

Nintendo Hyper Max Sale | 任天堂超级极限大减价

Burst into a mega savings on a huge selection of games & DLC for your Nintendo Switch system today!


List of games on sale | 部分促销游戏:

For the full list of games on sale, check here.

Nintendo Hyper Max Sale is now live with up to 50% off and it runs through 6/25 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Don’t forget you can earn 5% Gold Points on your purchases, which you can redeem your Gold Points towards the purchase of other eligible games, DLC, Nintendo Switch Online memberships, and more. 

任天堂超级极限大减价活动现已开始,享受高达50%的折扣,活动截止时间为6月25日晚上11:59(太平洋时间)。别忘了您还可以获得5%的金币积分,您可以将金币积分兑换成其他符合条件的游戏、DLC、任天堂Switch Online会员资格等。

Not sure what to buy? Take a look at Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival

Embark on a rhythmic adventure as you become a Taiko master in Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival. Join DON-chan and your guide, Kumo-kyun, in Omiko City, where you’ll encounter a vibrant world of Taiko elements. With 76 songs, including popular hits like Gurenge and Feel Special, test your drumming skills and aim for greatness!

Experience a variety of modes, including Online Ranked Matches and the cooperative DON-chan Band, where you’ll work together with others to perform outstanding concerts. Engage in the exciting Great Drum Toy War, assembling a deck of toys for thrilling Taiko battles. Whether playing solo or with friends, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Taiko.

Originally a hit in Japanese arcades, the Taiko no Tatsujin series has captivated players for over 20 years. Now, it’s time to jump into the latest home console release on Nintendo Switch. With simple mechanics by using two buttons or a separately sold drum controller, the game offers a rewarding challenge as you strive for high scores and perfect combos. Get ready to unleash your drumming skills and embark on an unforgettable rhythmic journey.


在《太鼓达人:节奏盛典》中,成为一名太鼓大师,展开一场充满节奏的冒险。加入DON-chan和你的向导Kumo-kyun,来到Omiko City,探索一个充满活力的太鼓世界。76首歌曲,包括《红莲華》和《Feel Special》等热门曲目,考验你的击鼓技巧,追求卓越!

游戏提供多种模式,包括在线排名对战和合作模式DON-chan Band,与其他玩家一起演奏出精彩的音乐会。还有令人兴奋的“大战玩具太鼓”,组建玩具卡组进行激烈的太鼓对战。不论是独自一人还是与朋友一起,沉浸在精彩纷呈的太鼓世界中。


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