PlayStation Indies | Save up to 70%

PlayStation Indies | Save up to 70%

PlayStation Indies 独立游戏 | Save up to 70% 低至3折

Gamers, how are you with all the recently released triple A titles? I’m sure many are feeling complicated about them. Fear not because PlayStation Indies is here, introducing you to many fantastic indie games that are as great as many others.
玩家们,最近发布的许多三A大作你们都玩得如何?我相信很多人对它们感到复杂。不用担心,因为PlayStation Indies来了,为您介绍许多和其他大作一样精彩的独立游戏。

List of games on sale | 部分促销游戏:

For the full list of games on sale, check here.

PlayStation Indies last until June 21, with games up to 70% off. Think 70% is not enough and want to save more? Check out OffGamers for PlayStation™Store Gift Cards with more than 30 regions and discount promo available.
PlayStation Indies活动将持续到6月21日,享受高达70%的游戏折扣。觉得70%的折扣还不够?想要更多的省钱吗?前往OffGamers获取PlayStation™Store礼品卡,超过30个地区与折扣促销供您择选。

Not sure what to buy? Take a look at Neon White.

Introducing Neon White, a lightning-fast first-person action game that immerses you in the exhilarating task of exterminating demons in Heaven. Step into the shoes of White, a specially chosen assassin plucked from Hell, and engage in a fierce competition against other demon slayers for the chance to attain eternal life in Heaven. But there’s a twist—the other assassins appear strangely familiar…

Immersed in the captivating level design, everything in Neon White flows harmoniously, offering a gratifying experience even on your initial attempt. Receiving a silver medal only fuels the desire to explore what it takes to earn gold or platinum. The well-crafted characters also come to life through captivating writing, engaging dialogues, and intriguing storylines, compelling you to uncover every hidden gift and progress their narratives.


霓虹白客(Neon White)是一款惊险刺激的第一人称快节奏动作游戏,让你沉浸于在天堂中消灭恶魔的任务中。扮演White,一位从地狱中挑选出来的特殊刺客,与其他恶魔猎手激烈竞争,争取获得在天堂中永生的机会。但这其中有个扭曲的细节——其他刺客们似乎出奇地熟悉…


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