Xbox Deals Unlocked | Save up to 80%

Xbox Deals Unlocked | Save up to 80%

Xbox Deals Unlocked | Save up to 80%

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Not sure what to buy? Take a look at Dead Island 2.

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Island 2, where the undead roam freely and the living struggle to survive. As one of the few remaining survivors, you used all of your skills and resources to stay alive, and now, you want to uncover the dark secrets behind the outbreak and discover who or what you are. For the line between life and death has become blurred in this grim new world, every decision you make could mean the difference between survival and becoming one of the walking dead.

This game revolves around the thrilling act of annihilating zombies, and Dead Island 2 offers a plethora of engaging systems and an abundance of zombies to obliterate. The storyline, while serviceable, effectively propels players through the picturesque locations of Los Angeles, maintaining a brisk pace. The availability of ample side content within these locations adds to the overall entertainment value of each visit. Dambuster Studios presents Dead Island 2 as a game that requires little from the player, except for the enjoyment of slaying zombies in increasingly graphic ways for a weekend or two. In fulfilling this promise, the game encapsulates the essence of what this series is all about.



该游戏围绕着摧毁僵尸的刺激行动展开,而《死亡岛2》提供了丰富多样的系统和大量的僵尸供玩家消灭。虽然故事情节可行,但它有效地推动玩家穿越洛杉矶风景如画的地点,保持着紧凑的节奏。这些地点内还有丰富的副本内容可供探索,增加了每次游玩的整体娱乐价值。Dambuster Studios将《Dead Island 2》呈现为一款对玩家要求不高的游戏,只需在一个或两个周末内享受以越来越血腥的方式屠杀僵尸的乐趣。通过实现这一承诺,游戏完美地展现了该系列的核心精髓。

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