Honor of Kings – Fei

Honor of Kings - Fei


It’s time for us to introduce to you another character in your Honor of Kings arsenal, Fei
The prince of the Jade Fortress wielding a magical sword that allows him to jump through walls is a powerful assassin to jungle with, as he can gap closer to the enemies to defeat them, while having fun running through walls such as the border of the battlefield.

Hero Story

Fei, the eldest prince of Yucheng, is known for his extravagant lifestyle and reputation for doing nothing. However, behind his carefree facade lies a hidden truth: witnessing his father’s tragic death and being controlled by the powerful Grand General Roye, Fei has been secretly orchestrating plans to protect his loved ones and uncover the secrets of Yucheng’s prosperity. Despite the misconceptions and jokes surrounding him, Fei remains undeterred and continues to explore the mysteries of his city, unbeknownst to anyone except for the solitary figure that can be seen on the eaves of Jade City every night.

Hero Abilities

Passive:  Vision of Jade

Passive: Fei has a wider view when standing on walls and can move freely on them, gaining an additional 100 movement speed.

Basic attack restores 5 energy for Jade Steps.

First Ability: Jade Boomerang/Jade Frontal Strike

Jade Boomerang: Fei condenses the air into a jade blade and throw it out. The jade blade returns after reaching the end, dealing 250 (+40% AD) physical damage to the target along the way.

Jade Frontal Strike (On Wall only): Fei Leaps off the wall into a short distance forward dealing 180/220/260/300/350/380 physical damage to enemies in the way granting himself 75% attack speed and augments his next two basic attacks dealing 250/280/300/ (+70%AD) extra damage and restore 80/85/90/95/100/115 HP for each basic attack.

When enemies are within his basic attack range, Fei can reactivate the ability again to deal 350/420/500/575/650/720 (+40% AD) Physical damage and knock them up for .75 second.

Cooldown : 9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7 (-1 second less per level) sec
Energy Cost : 20

Second Ability: Jade Steps

Fei condenses the air into a jade platform and jumps on top of the terrain walls, allowing him to walk on them, he can jump wall to wall when toggling this ability near an edge and expenses energy.

When Fei jumps off the wall, he gains a value of 280/300/320/340/360/380(+100% AD) HP shield. When on the wall Fei can activate Jade Frontal Strike to leap off. When he successfully jumps off a wall, Jade Steps will be on cooldown, the cooldown amount will vary upon how much energy he has left, maximum of 20 seconds overall.

There is no time limit for Fei when he’s on a wall allowing him to run to the enemy base if possible. Fei cannot basic attack when standing on top of walls, and walls themselves will have invisible walls.

Cooldown : Minimum: 8/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4/6 (-1 second less per level) sec

Maximum: 20/19/18/17/16/15 (-1 second less per level) sec
Energy Cost : 40

Ultimate: Jade Seal

Fei swings his blade forward in a half circle, dealing 300 (+60% AD) physical damage, and marking all targets with spiritual jade. He can reactivate this ability again and deals damage to enemies within his range to strike them four times.

The first three will deal 50 (+25% AD) physical damage, healing Fei 25(+10% AD) HP, the fourth and final strike will deal 150 (+60% AD) physical damage and heals for 50 (+20% AD) HP, along with granting Fei vision of the enemy.

The amount of healing also is dependent on how low in HP Fei is, up to double the initial value of healing.

When the target’s Max HP is below 12%, the enemy will be executed with the final strike of Jade Seal. Each enemy executed will grant 100 energy and refunds 50% cooldown of Jade Steps.

Cooldown : 24/23/22 (-1 second less per level) sec
Energy Cost : 0

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