MapleStory GMS Khali is coming on Savior Patch!

MapleStory GMS Khali is coming on Savior Patch!

MapleStory GMS Khali is coming on Savior Patch!

The long-awaited Savior update is finally coming to Maplestory GMS, bringing with it the new class Khali and more. Let’s take a closer look at what you can anticipate from this update and the improvement it brings to our overall quality of life!

Savior patch will officially launch on June 14, 2023.


A High Flora race that wields Chakram as a weapon. Khali is a good mobility character that can engage in free combat by linking together melee attacks using the Chakrams with quick movement skills, and use powerful techniques that resonate with her Chakri created during battle.

Currently there is a Pre-Savior Login Event running, simply log in to MapleStory before the Savior update to claim a collection of Pre-Savior Login Rewards, including Extreme Growth Potions, Nodestones, and more!

Wongsaturant Story

Wonky the Fairy has joined the entrepreneurial class, and is opening up a brand new Wongstaurant, filled with delightful treats for all the VIPs on the list! Give him a hand with a collection of exciting events, and get a taste of your hard work with a huge selection of rewards!

Level Faster on Arcane River

Transitioning from Level 200 to Level 259 has never been smoother as it takes some time just to Lvl up. Now with the changes for the Arcane River which include the Exp curve between Lv. 200-259 has been adjusted, changes coming through the arcane symbol progression and more which will help to speed things up dramatically for players with their growth. 

Changes include:

Reduced EXP To Level: Going from Lv. 220-259 requires less EXP, ranging from a 19% reduction at Lv. 220 to 3% reduction at Lv. 259.

Increased Daily Quest Rewards: Daily Quests now reward more Arcane Symbols, helping you power up through the content even faster, as well as even more EXP.

New Lachelin Special Content: Enjoy a game of Hide-And-Seek with the new Midnight Chaser Lachelin special content. And More!

Hyper Burning and Burning World

Hyper Burning has made a triumphant return! Embark on an exciting journey by creating a fresh character and immersing yourself in the dynamic realm of Burning World. With each level-up, you’ll be granted a generous boost of two additional levels, allowing for rapid progression. As you advance, you’ll have the opportunity to receive rewards which can empower you and get all the way up to Lv. 250 in a flash!

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