MLBB Paquito’s New Collector Skin “Blazing Tiger”

MLBB Paquito's new Collector skin "Blazing Tiger" is coming soon! Watch out and don't get blinded by his blazing energy that runs through the armor and fist gloves!

Paquito’s new Collector skin “Blazing Tiger” is coming soon!

Watch out and don’t get blinded by his blazing energy that runs through the armor and fist gloves!

Embarking on a transformation from a skilled boxer to a mighty superhero, the new Blazing Tiger Paquito skin channels the indomitable spirit of the tiger into every thunderous punch.

This is the hero’s first Collector skin and his sixth skin after Death Blow, Manny Pacquiao, Underground Boxer, Fulgent Punch, and Fist of Light.

Unlike his previous skins, which incorporated his iconic boxer aesthetic, Blazing Tiger Paquito takes it to the next level by granting him extraordinary powers that stretch the limits of our imagination.

In this skin, he dons a sleek, futuristic black matte armor accentuated with striking red streaks. Gleaming gold pauldrons add a touch of intimidation to his overall aesthetic, complementing his imposing appearance.

With eyes ablaze in fiery red and fists infused with the very spirit of two tigers, the skin is perfect for those who want to roleplay as a superhero in the Land of Dawn.

As for his skills, he delivers each punch with thunderous force, leaving fiery red streaks in his wake. His first skill shines brightly, an indicator that his next skill will be enhanced.

He now summons majestic tiger apparitions with each skill. The most striking of them all is his Knockout Strike, which conjures massive tiger claws beneath his target.

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