KartRider Rush+ Collabs with International Racing Tournament


Aug. 5, 2022 – Mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ announced today its collaboration with electric car racing tournament “ABB FIA Formula E World Championship” (Formula E) to bring themed content and events for racers to enjoy.

The first wave of content is “GEN 2” which contains a whole other level of e-speed. “GEN 2” is a new speed race kart that players can buy until Thursday, Sept. 1. Players can also collect Formula E shards that can be exchanged for items such as “Formula E Plate (permanent)” and “Formula E Balloon (20).” Players can earn shards through completing races on “3 WKC tracks” until Friday, Aug. 19. KartRider Rush+ will also give away “Formula E Decal (8)” to those players who login for three days straight from Friday, Aug. 12 to Monday, Aug. 15.

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