Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Now Available on PS

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has been one of the most exciting PlayStation console exclusives since the debut of the console itself and it is now available on PlayStation.

Kena tells the tale of a young spirit guide who helps shepherd wayward souls into the afterlife. Kena finds herself in a land overtaken by a corrupted blight that only she can stop. She gains tiny helping hands in the Rot, cute little critters that decompose life and follow Kena around to assist in both combat and puzzle-solving.

As players explore this world as Kena in hopes of guiding spirits on to the next stage of their journey, you’ll be shooting arrows, tossing bombs, and whacking things with a staff. Abilities players unlock along the way with resources gained through fights and environmental discoveries allow for progression paths that’ll vary slightly depending on playstyles. Heavy and light attacks mixed with resource-based abilities create a serviceable if somewhat repetitive combat system. Throw in a healthy dose of puzzles to solve and you’ve got yourself a pretty familiar experience.

Considering Kena to be Ember Lab’s very first game, it is really quite the game with stunning visuals and compelling stories to keep you going. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now available on PlayStation, get yours now with OffGamers.


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