Konami Is Really Making A Metal Gear Solid Pachinko

Yes, we all know the running joke of how Konami intends to make all of its famous gaming franchises into pachinko machine, we didn’t think they would actually do it with one of the most beloved franchises ever.

We were wrong. Looks like we’ll be getting a Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater pachinko slot game.

Reported via Otaku.com, the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater pachinko machine was announced via a trailer (which you can see above) and features surprisingly high-quality cutscenes with detailed character models and environments. At least Kojima’s FOX Engine is being used. Though, you can only see it in action on a pachinko machine in Japan.

Metal Gear Solid now joins the ranks of Castlevania and Silent Hill as beloved Konami franchises that are now pachinko money-makers.

Source: Otaku.com