Konami’s Card-Based Football Game Pitch Clash Out in Beta on Android


Konami has announced a brand new casual card-based football game called Pitch Clash. Ahead of a full release, planned for later this year, the game is now available in beta for Android for a limited time period, sticking around until the 20th of April. Check out the tweet below:



The game is all about coming up with new strategies and letting your team dominate the football field. Pitch Clash features easy controls and simple to learn mechanics allowing new players to get pick up the game quite quickly.

For football fans, this is the perfect time for you to manage and play with your favourite players and clubs since the game features the top clubs from Europe. This includes the likes of FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus FC and FC Bayern München.

Pitch Clash follows the same rules as regular football matches. The game also allows you to play against your friends or any random player from around the globe. Your tactical skills are what matters here, with plenty of decisions to make that could secure you the win.

The matches resemble the same look of TV broadcasts, which gives players a tight and stylish user interface to play with. You’ll also be able to build your dream team with over 10,000 licensed players. Additionally, there are dozens of emotes to use while you flex your skills during the matches.

Pitch Clash is now available only for Android on Google Play. Interested players can take part in this limited-time beta testing and help the developer improve the game. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases. Get the game now and enhance your experience with our Google Play gift cards below:

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