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[Lantern Festival Training]
1. Sweet Encounter: From February 10 at 8:00 to February 23 at 8:00, the Sweet Encounter outfit will be available in the Mall. Enjoy a discount during the event. Purchase the pack to get exclusive actions and limited-time sweet avatar frames.

2. Crushing: From February 10 to February 23. Use Roses to confess your love, and the one you confess to will get 5 Charisma. The 20 Survivors with the most Charisma each day will receive limited-time titles and item rewards. At the end of the event, players in the overall Charisma rankings will receive rich rewards such as titles and Formula Shards based on their rankings.

3. Sweet Words: From February 10 to February 23. Gift White Chocolate for free every day during the event in the Wish Mall to boost Friendliness. Gifting White Chocolates to the same friends will give you bonus Friendliness.

4. Fest Lantern: From February 10 to February 23. During the event, Survivors can obtain Fest Lanterns from Silvia in the Camp Center or Hope 101. Release the lanterns to get bonuses.

5. Festive Treat: From February 10 to February 23. Survivors can collect ingredients by killing monsters, fishing, or gathering and then use them to make Lantern Festival delicacies. Eat the food or give it to other Survivors for increased Friendliness and Rewards.

6. Fortune Draw: From February 10 to February 24 at 8:00. Survivors can exchange New Dollars with L. Fest Dumplings for bonus lottery boxes that contain special rewards, including Skin: Defender’s Sniper Rifle Collector’s Edition, Formula: Defenders Sniper Rifle, Rose Holiday – Red Moon, and more. Earn Points while drawing items, and reach a certain level to unlock incredible rewards.

7. Cumulative Top-up Reward: From February 10 to February 23. Survivors can top up from 00:00-24:00 every day. Any top-up amount will count as one. Reach the corresponding number of top-ups to receive the Cumulative Top-up Reward.

8. Lucky Snap-up: From February 10 to March 10 at 8:00. After Lucky Snap-up is activated, Survivors can use Credits and Federation Checks to get top prizes and common prizes such as Skin: Defender’s Sniper Rifle Collector’s Edition, Formula: Defender Sniper Rifle, etc. If a Survivor fails, they can log in at the specified time and get a full Credit or Federation Check refund;

9. Lucky Gift Box: From February 17 to February 24 at 8:00. Purchase Lucky Gift Boxes with Checks to get great rewards such as Collector’s Ed. : Phantom Rose, Collector’s Edition Skin: Bloodthirsty Shark, Formula: War Tiger Chip, and much more.

10. Lucky Bag: From February 10 to February 24 at 8:00, Survivors can pick a certain number of items in Top Reward Prize Pool, Rare Reward Prize Pool, Valuable Reward Prize Pool and Common Reward Prize Pool to form a Lucky Bag Prize Pool. L. Fest Dumplings can be spent to draw prizes from Lucky Bags. Each reward will be removed once it is drawn. All of the Lucky Bag items are guaranteed to be obtained after 12 draws. You can also spend a certain number of L. Fest Dumplings to reset the prize pool ahead of time. The prize pool contains precious items, such as L. Fest Gold Vouchers, Customize Infection Hunters, Gene Capsules and more;

11. L. Fest Store: From February 10 to February 24 at 8:00, you can obtain L. Fest Gold Vouchers from Lantern Festival Pack, Fortune Draw, Lucky Bag and other events. Use L. Fest Gold Vouchers to get Rose Holiday Vehicle, Defender Sniper Rifle Formula, Endeavour Backpack Box, Guardian Shield Formula and other rare items.

12. Lantern Festival Pack: From February 10 to February 24 at 8:00, you can purchase packs to get L. Fest Gold Vouchers, Koi Dream Suit, Moon and Cloud Suit, Forever Love, and other items.

13. Duo Training: From February 10 to February 23, Duo Training will be available. Invite a friend to train with you! Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and L. Fest Dumplings, and get extra rewards from Caravan Support.

14. Caravan Market: From February 10 to February 24 at 8:00, items such as Myriad of Lights Series Wallpaper and Mister Puppy Wall Lamp will be available at the Caravan Market for a limited time! Flower Wedding Furniture Chest will also be available in the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items such as Love Birds – Beauty, Eternal Commitment – Amour, and more.

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Simplified part of the Weekly Mission – Monastery process;
2. Updated Benefit Fund. Survivors who purchase and claim all Hope Fund Rewards can unlock Dawn Fund. Dawn Fund contains new benefits for Combat Level 31-50 Survivors. Purchase and meet these level requirements for up to 10x rewards.




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