League of Legends丨 Spin the wheel to win Lux & Vayne’s Prestige Outfit!


Firecrackin’ Battle!

Spin the wheel to win Lux & Vayne’s Prestige Outfit!


8 ~ 14 March 11:59PM GMT+8


1. Select 2 prizes to remove from the pool. (Note: Grand Prize cannot be removed.)

2. Click on the DRAW button to start the wheel.
RP Cost: 79, 99, 199, 299, 399, 499, 599, 699, 799 and 899 RP

Grid Rewards: Hextech Key | Hextech Chest | 1 x Hextech Key and Chest | 1 x Fireacrker Orb | 2 x Hextech Key | 2 x Hextech Chest | 1 x Firecracker Grab Bag | Firecracker Exclusive Pack | 1 x Random Epic Skin | 1 x Epic Skin of Choice | 7 x Firecracker Orbs‣ Grand Prize: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition | Firecracker Wayne Prestige Edition | 13 x Firecracker Orbs

3. Obtain a FREE RESET whenever you receive all the prizes on the wheel.

4. Alternatively you can use RP to reset it immediately to purchase more items from the wheel!
RP Reset Cost: 36 RP, 54 RP, 72 RP and thereafter.



Garena Shells (MY) Garena Shells (SG) Garena Shells (ID)


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League of Legends Official Website


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