League of Legends: Battle Coins


1. Get a free spin on the wheel! The needle will fall on one of the following discounts: 10%, 15%, 25%, 55%, 70%, or 1 RP.

The discount cannot be reactivated. Before you may roll another free discount, you must first purchase an item with that discount to remove it from the pool.

NOTE: When all six discounts are drawn and utilized, all discounts and goods will be refreshed.

2. You can apply the discount to a total of six different purchases.

  • Reward Pool 1: 1 – 3 Anima Squad Orbs
  • Reward Pool 2: 4 – 5 Anima Squad Orbs / Anima Squad Grab Bag / Anima Squad Exclusive Pack
  • Reward Pool 3: 7 / 10 / 13 x Anima Squad Orbs
  • Reward Pool 4: Random Epic Skins
  • Reward Pool 5: Random Epic Skins
  • Reward Pool 6: Random Legendary Skins


PLEASE NOTE: The award pools are not in chronological order.

3. Achieve milestone prizes by accumulating the number of times you buy products.

  • 3 purchases: Anima Squad Grab Bag
  • 5 purchases: Anima Squad Exclusive Pack
  • 10 purchases: 5 x Anima Squad Orbs
  • 15 purchases: 7 x Anima Squad Orbs


4. You can update individual rewards up to 5 times each day (Refreshes at 12pm). Every time you refresh, the prices rise: 0 RP, 100 RP, 150 RP, 200 RP, and 250 RP.

REMEMBER: The first refresh is COMPLETELY FREE!

5. Every day at 12 p.m., you may renew all awards for free. The discount roller is flanked by a countdown timer.

6. You can claim a maximum of 10 modest prizes the next day, based on the quantity of products purchased.

The offered presents may be found under the SMALL GIFTS heading.

The presents are distributed at random.

For example, if you buy four goods today, you can get four free little presents the next day.

Simply click the BATTLE COIN icon in the client to see the event.

Available in the client until May 2nd, 11:59 PM (GMT+8)!


  • 1. If you have all of the Epic / Legendary skins, you will instead receive 5x / 7x Anima Squad Orbs.
  • 2. The daily refresh / little gift collecting will take place every day at 12pm.
  • 3. Because the League of Legends store return policy does not apply to this event, please make sure you understand the event regulations before committing!


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