League of Legends Prestige Carnival!

From now till 3 MARCH 11:59PM (GMT+8), stand a chance to win Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition, Mecha Kingdoms Garen Prestige Edition, Hextech Amumu, Hextech Ziggs and Hextech Kog’Maw for the grand prize!

To view the event, simply click on the PRESTIGE CARNIVAL button in the client.


  • 1. In each round, you can either do a single draw or collective draw on 8 possible prizes.
    Each single draw will eliminate the prize you won from the pool. The round will end once the Jackpot Token is drawn, and the prizes will reset back.
  • 2. The RP cost increases per draw – 150/175/200/225/250/275/300/400 RP. The collective draw will be discounted at 1895RP.
  • 3. The 8 prizes consists of:
    Jackpot Token, Random Hextech Item x 2, Lunar Revel Tokens x 2, Firecracker Orbs, Random Basic Skin and Random Superior Skin.
  • 4. When you receive the Jackpot Token, you will receive one of the Jackpot skins at random.
    Moreover, you may get a chance to remove one of the Jackpot skins from the Jackpot pool for the next round.


  • 1. Limited, Legacy, and skins from Patch 12.3 & 12.4 are not included.
  • 2. This event is not applicable with League of Legends’ store refund policy, so please make sure you understand the event rules before committing.



Garena Shells
Garena Shells
Garena Shells



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League of Legends Official website.


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