League of Legends Project: Disruption Adds Futuristic New Skins

Riot Games has dropped a new trailer for Project: Disruption which gives the characters of League of Legends a cyberpunk makeover with skins, minions, items, and more.

Check out the trailer below:

The new skins coming for Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina features a cyborg-like design that fits in with the futuristic theme of Project: Disruption. Each skin will cost a certain number of RPs (Ashe: 1820 RP / Ekko: 1350 RP / Katarina: 1350 RP) and will come with their own unique loading screens.

There’s also the ability to craft new items that are exclusive to the Disruption content. For a breakdown of the craftables in Project: Disruption, you check out Riot’s FAQ page.

Finally, the minions have transformed into tiny army robots for Project: Disruption. Though the change is merely cosmetic and they will still be armed the same with swords, hammers, cannons, etc.

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Source: League of Legends

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