League of Legends Rosey Deals!


Are you ready to win the Rose edition skins in Rosey Deals?


1. Stand a chance to win Crystal Rose Akshan, Withered Rose Elise, Crystal Rose Janna and Withered Rose Zeri!

You can also win the following items from each level:

Level 1: Superior Skin of Choice, 1 x Hextech Key, 75 x Lunar Revel Tokens, Firecracker Orb, 3 x Firecracker OrbsLevel 2: Epic Skin of Choice, 2 x Firecracker Orbs, 100 x Lunar Revel Tokens, Firecracker Exclusive Pack, 5 x Firecracker Orbs
Level 3: Legendary Skin of Choice, Firecracker Grab Bag, 200 x Lunar Revel Tokens, Random Epic Skin, 7 x Firecracker Orbs

2. Out of the items in the list above, 4 items will be randomly included in each level. Once an item is drawn, it will be eliminated from the level and you will not draw it again.

3. Once all items are sold out, there will be no refresh.

4. There are 3 levels in total. You will first need to purchase Level 1 before unlocking Level 2, and purchase Level 2 before unlocking Level 3.

The Single Draw costs are as shown:
Level 1 – 80 RP; Level 2 – 180 RP; Level 3 – 280 RP
The Double Draw costs are as shown:
Level 1 – 150 RP; Level 2 – 350 RP; Level 3 – 550 RP

To view the event, simply click on the ROSEY DEALS button in the client.

You have until 11:59 PM, 21 February GMT+8 to enjoy this deal!




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