League of Legends SONA’S RAVE




1. Spend RP to draw a card & receive its corresponding reward!

– RP cost increases as you draw more cards as such: 69,99,139,189,249,319,399,399 RP. 

– Your first round is discounted as such: 19,69,109,159,219,289,369,399 RP. 

2. There are 8 cards corresponding to these Rewards: 

  • a. Disc x 1 
  • b. Disc x 1 
  • c. Disc x 3 
  • d. Hextech Key or Chest 
  • e. Hextech Items/Empyrean Orb 
  • f. Hextech Items/Empyrean Orb 
  • g. 2-5 x Empyrean Orbs 
  • h. Space Groove Grab Bag or a chance to get a Random Ultimate Skin (Higher Chance for DJ Sona)! 

    3. Accumulate Discs for Milestone and Jackpot rewards! 

    Milestone Rewards:  

    – 6 Discs: 2 x Masterwork Chest & Key 

    – 11 Discs: Empyrean Exclusive Pack 

    – 15 Discs: 7 x Empyrean Orbs 

    Selectable Jackpot Reward: 

    – 5 Discs: 5 x Empyrean Orbs / Epic Skin of Choice! 

    4. You can reset all your target boards anytime using RP – milestone and jackpot will NOT reset.  

    – RP reset costs increases each round: 29,99,169,249,299 RP max. 

    To view the event, simply click on the SONA’s RAVE button in the client.

    Available in the client from now until 5 DECEMBER 11:59 PM (GMT+8)!

    Recharge Garena League of Legends with OffGamers to get up to 5% Discount!



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